Waaris 6th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Ganga asking Mannu how can you doubt on your strength, you can do anything. Santoshi and Komal also encourage Mannu. Mannu smiles and says I want to make everything fine, but there is enmity between two families, my friend Raj’s mum, if she gives statement, my mum will be saved, but I can’t go to their house to talk to her.

Santoshi says we will help you go there. Komal says now you can come with us easily, smile now. Mannu says if they know me then… Ganga says they can identify just Mannu, not any lovely girl. Santoshi says take your real avatar now, you will go as a girl, e all have Mata’s ansh. Santoshi says I have Bhakti roop of Mata. Komal says I m Shakti Roop. Ganga says I m Siddhi roop. They say you are not weak Mannu, this is your biggest strength.

They make Mannu ready as a girl. Ganga wishes Mannu all the best. Mannu looks at bangles, and clothes.

Amrit asks the ladies to work well, the rice will get less, make more rice for serving the girls. She says kheer is not ready. She sends a lady to see if Jhanki has come. The lady says Jhanki has come and keeps rice pot there. Amrit goes and welcomes Santoshi, Ganga and Komal. She asks Harjeet to wash the girl’s feet and welcome them. Harjeet and Amrit wash the girls’ feet and even of Mannu. Mannu walks ahead and hits the rice pot.

Santoshi asks Mannu not to worry, no one will recognize him, be quiet and careful, come. Santoshi tells Ganga that Mannu is worried, I will go to other house, you manage here. Ganga asks her not to worry. Santoshi goes. Gunjan tells Amba that Mannu is not near the house. Amba worries thinking where did Mannu go.

Amrit does tilak to girls. Amrit sees Mannu and says I have seen you somewhere. Ganga comes and compliments Amrit’s house. Amrit says thanks, we decorate temple every year by love, Mata Rani bless us. Mannu worries. He stops the lady from applying Alta. Ganga says maybe she gets tickles. Ganga asks Mannu to do main work, this color will fade with time. Komal sees Mannu’s wig coming out and rushes to help her. Harjeet asks is everything fine. Komal says yes, kids can’t manage lahenga. Amrit says all little girls are Mata’s avatar. Komal signs Ganga. Mannu starts acting of stomach ache. Ganga says take her inside. Amrit says I will give medicine and takes Mannu. Mannu smiles and signs Ganga. Harjeet doubts and goes to see.

Ganga signs Komal. Komal acts to fall over the chair. Harjeet stops and comes back. He asks what happened. Komal says nothing, I fell down. Amrit says I will give medicine and your pain will go, there is no water, I will get it. Mannu stops Amrit and removes wig and dupatta. Amrit gets shocked and says Mannu. She shuts door and window. She asks what are you doing here, what does this mean by coming here like this. He says I want my mummy to get justice, save my mummy, else my Bebe will make Amba leave house, help me.

Amrit says I can’t help you, if Raj’s Papa knows, you don’t know what will happen. Mannu begs her for help. He says you know complete truth, please save my mum, else we have to leave this village, I will never trouble you, please save Amba, if you tell Bebe the truth, everything will be fine. Amrit cries and recalls Raj and Raman’s words. Harjeet comes inside the room. Amrit and Mannu get shocked seeing him.

Amba packs the bags. Simran says where did Mannu go. Amba says its good he does not come home, else don’t know, what will happen, come we shall leave. She asks them to come. Raavi taunts Amba and says its good you are leaving, give address if you get any house. Jagan smiles. Amba cries and goes to take Bebe’s blessings. Bebe moves her feet away and says don’t come back to show your face. Raavi smiles.

Amba says I m leaving my mum’s house, I m very unlucky. Amba gets her bag. Mannu comes and opens the door. They all get shocked seeing Mannu dressed as a girl. Bebe asks Mannu what did you wear, anyways, if Amba is staying separately, she can stay as she likes. Mannu says we are not going anywhere, look there. Bebe and everyone see Amrit at the door. They all get shocked.

Amrit tells about Jagan blaming Amba for wrong. Jagan tries to make story again. Bebe slaps Jagan and kicks him out. Mannu asks will my mummy go away from home. Bebe cries and hugs Amba. Bebe says no, you all won’t go anywhere, let Jagan come, I will take decision about him. Raavi looks on worried.

Update Credit to: Amena

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