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The Episode starts with Bheeru telling Amba that Mannu has run away. Amba gets shocked. Jagan and Raavi smile. Bebe says he has Pavaniya’s blood, you wanted to make him coward, don’t worry, he will come back. Bebe stops Amba and says let Mannu fight, I want to see why are you afraid. Bheeru goes to find Mannu. Jagan signs Raavi. He sends his men to find Mannu and tells them that no one should know he has sent them. He says today Mannu won’t be saved. Mannu goes to get mango. Goons see him. Mannu asks a man about Bajwa’s mango farm. The man says I will take you and they leave. The goons say we will catch Mannu when that man goes. The man drops Mannu to Bajwa’s farm. Mannu recalls Jagan’s words and thinks I will proof Jagan wrong.

He goes inside Bajwa’s farm. Raj sees him and scolds him

for stealing mangoes. He says I will break your legs. Mannu asks him to come and have mangoes. The caretaker comes and asks him to get down the tree. Mannu asks Raj to give his gulel, keep half mangoes, give the gulel. Raj is unable to get up. Mannu jumps and takes his gulel. He runs from there. The caretaker man runs to beat him and falls. Mannu scolds Raj for being coward. Raj says you come here if you have courage. Mannu says stand up and show me. Mannu and Raj fight. Mannu runs and Raj falls down. Raj sees the mango and recalls Mannu’s words. Raj could not get up and cries. Jagan’s goons run after Mannu. Mannu hides. Amba prays for Mannu.

Mannu runs and collides with Amrit. She says you are Amba’s son right. He nods. She sees Harjeet there and worried. The goons hide and look on. Amrit asks Mannu was he running after stealing mangoes, stealing is bad thing, if your mum knows this, sshe will be sad. Bheeru comes and asks Mannu to come fast. He sees Harjeet and worries. Mannu picks mangoes. Amrit asks Bheeru to take Mannu fast. Bheeru and Mannu leave.

Mannu comes home. Jagan gets shocked seeing him. Amba scolds and slaps Mannu. She scolds him for going out and hits on his hand with a stick. Mannu cries. Bebe asks Amba did she get mad. Amba says I can’t forget how many times he was attacked, if anything happens to him, I will die. Bebe says its seven years now, if you gave birth to Shah, have courage, you are troubling him. She takes Mannu.

Bheeru tells Amba that whatever Bebe said is right, he will run away and he will never come back, we can’t find him next time. Amba cries. Jagan slaps his goon and scolds them for not catching Mannu.

Simran sees Mannu’s hand and cheek hurt. Sukhi comes there and shows his new school bag and books. Mannu says you don’t need all this, you have to go in same class, you failed even this time. Simran and Gunjan laugh. Mannu fools Sukhi again. Sukhi says this time I won’t get fooled. Raavi calls Sukhi. Mannu sees the books and gets sad.

Raavi asks Sukhi what did Mannu say seeing your school bag and books. Sukhi goes. Amba asks Simran and Gunjan to have food. Raavi goes to Mannu and asks did your mummy agree to send you to school. Mannu signs no. Raavi says you be stubborn, Amba will send you to school, you will also have new books and bag.

Amba and Mannu go out and see some people cheering for Bajwas. Mannu says we will see whats happening and goes there. Bebe comes and says this is Saawan ritual, just boys can climb on this tree, Charan has tied that flag on the tree and it rained, everyone said its Charan’s prayers, then every heir of families started tying flags, but no one could tie flags above Charan’s. Harjeet asks his son to tie the flag about Charan’s flag. He sees Amba, Bebe and Mannu there.


Pandit says Harjeet’s son could not tie above Charan’s flag, lets see who can do that. Mannu says I will tie the flag and comes ahead.

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