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The Episode starts with Amba, Bheeru and Mannu getting Simran home. Mannu tells Bheeru about the fight. He asks Simran not to be scared, her brother will always be with her. Bheeru says Mannu is a tiger. Amba says Mannu does not listen to me. Mannu shows his muscles. Simran smiles and goes. Amba sees some lady at the gate. Mannu asks Amba to give food. Amba sees the lady gone. Jagan and Raavi meet a Baba. Baba asks him to show hand, you lost two children in annoyance, Jagan says I want my son. Baba says you will get son, you control yourself, kill the devil in you, there is blood written in your hand. Jagan asks what are you saying. Baba says your doings will reach your children. Jagan asks Raavi to come. Suraiyya tells Jagan that he will face heaven and hell here. Jagan leaves. Baba tells Raavi that

whatever Jagan did, your unborn child will bear for it, stop him, go. Suraiyya smiles.

Jagan asks Raavi not to make him meet such Baba, shall I see Mannu becoming Shah, I have to make my fate myself. She says you can do this for our son. She cries and says just till this baby is born, we lost two babies. He says fine, just till my son is born.

Amba asks Simran to focus on studies, I m not doubting on you, I trust you, but I did not feel right that Raman interfered in our matter, I have kept Mannu alone as he has a secret, you see to that Mannu does not talk to anyone in school. Simran hugs her. Amba asks her not to be scared and focus on studies. Amba gets shocked seeing the same lady again.

She goes to the lady with the knife and asks who are you, why are you keeping an eye on my house, Chandar has sent you right, leave from here, I will kill you. The lady shows her face and tells something in Amba’s ears. Amba asks how shall I agree you are saying true. The lady gives her bangles. Amba recalls giving her bangles to Daima to hide the truth and save her child. The lady goes.

Mannu thinks of Amba’s words and Bajwas. He thinks I will get away from Raj if I tell mummy. Amba thinks of Daima and sees bangles. She thinks Mannu and we all are fine because of this lie, I have to do this, its necessary.

Its morning, Bheeru tells Amba that he will drop Mannu to school. Mannu goes with him. Amba sees the bangles and says I will meet her today. Raavi argues with Amba and asks where is she going. Amba says m going to Jasbir’s house for work. She leaves. Raavi thinks Simran and Amba are showing attitude, I have to keep them under my thumb.

Simran sees Raman in school and recalls Amba’s words. Raman says whatever Bua and Amba spoke, I was thinking… She says we should be away, you are Bajwa and I m Pavaniya I should thank you. He says no, I did this for my happiness, I will always love you, I will not force you, I will not come in your way, I m sorry to be rude, I just know this way to explain. He goes.

Raj tells Mannu that they should not talk infront of Sukhi. Mannu asks where will we talk, Bheeru will come to take me before school ends. Raj says we will go before interval ends, come. Amba goes to Daima’s house and meets the lady. She asks is anyone else there. The lady says no one wants to come here, this house is far from your village. Amba sees Daima in bad state. She asks how did you fall so ill. Daima says its because of my sin, I never lied, I lied about your child. Amba says no, you did not do any sin, we are alive because of you, your lie saved our lives.

Daima says if Lord did not wish to punish me, this untouchable disease would have not happened to me, if I say truth, I will get fine. Raj gets Mannu to some shade. Raj asks can we come here everyday, no one will trouble us here. Mannu says friend’s place and hugs Raj. They smile. Mannu likes the place and says its very nice, we will not let anyone come here.

Bebe gets a lady and asks her to massage Raavi’s legs. The lady checks Raavi and asks her to take care, call any kinner and ward off evil sight, call Suraiyya. Raavi says send anyone else, Suraiyya is close to Amba, I work a lot, Amba has gone to Jasbir’s house. The lady says Jasbir’s mum died. Raavi says why did Amba lie to me.

Amba says I will do your treatment, don’t say the truth. Daima says the lady went, no one stays with me, I did not tell that lady, I told you and I can wash my sins now. Amba says no, my family will end, I will stay with you and serve you, I will make you fine, I will take you to city hospital. Jagan tells Bebe about hospital and it will be made on our land. Bebe says I m scared of your schemes, you were dealing Simran for business. He says I m not so bad, Bansal was giving me big deal, I found out nd got good report, I won’t have food till I get this deal, I will meet cuty hospital people. He leaves.

Few men follow the lady. The kinner hides. Mannu decorates the place and asks Raj to come. The kinner has a little boy with her. Raj sees the decorations. Mannu gives him flowers and says this is our dining table, we will play here with doll. Raj asks whats all this, you know such decorations, girls do all this. Mannu gets annoyed and says you don’t know to do this, so calling me a girl. The kinner comes there and sees them.

Kinner says its boy but has habits like girls, I will keep an eye on him, once I make this little boy reach my group, I will see that boy/Mannu. Raj asks Mannu to convince Amba to come here everyday. Amba admits Daima in hospital and goes to talk to doctor. Jagan comes there to talk about tender. Harjeet is also there, and threatens the man to get tender. He says hospital will be made on Bajwas land.

Doctor tells Amba about the treatment cost. Amba tells her name as Amrit. She worries that something wrong can happen. Daima sees Jagan and worries. She says I will tell truth to him, maybe Lord will forgive me. Jagan also threatens the man and says hospital will be made on Pavaniya’s land. The man says Harjeet also threatened me, I m stick. Jagan sees Harjeet from the window, and says its fine if Harjeet reached first, tender will have my name. Jagan gets shocked seeing Amba there. He says whats Amba doing here.

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