Waaris 5th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Raj and Rohan land in Pavaniya house

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The Episode starts with Mannu and Simran discussing their plan to make Amba the head. Mannu says we want money and some place to have sabha. Gunjan says I spoke to women organization, they will help. Raavi says Jagan has kept the property, land and cash. Amba gives her jewelry. Raavi also gets her jewelry. Mannu and everyone give their jewelry. The ladies agree to give jewelry. Mannu asks did your husband protect you, women just bless husband.

Mannu encourages them and says you all have to become each other’s strength. The women agree. Mannu ensures them and asks them to trust. The women leave. Amba says men have dominated a lot. Mannu says this fight is not to show men that they can do anything what they do, its to show they can’t do what they can do, its to show women and men have to maintain

balance in society. Amba says men don’t get sense till they get crushed under feet. A girlil sees jewelry. Amba goes to keep it.

Raj and Rohan are on the way. Raj talks to Babli. He asks her to give her even smallest info. Rohan changes the trye. He sees Raj running and calls him out. He runs after Raj. A girl tells someone about Amba keeping jewelry. The man says if jewelry goes missing, Amba and Preet are gone. Raj and Rohan hear her. Raj says we have to inform Mannu, I have a way.

Mannu and Simran see old pics and smile. Simran sees Raman’s pic and cries. Simran tears pic and says I just love Raman, I didn’t force you for anything, don’t force me. Babli calls them to meet women. Raj and Rohan come there as women. Raj makes excuses. Amba and Raavi come and stare at them. Raj asks them not to stare this way. Mannu tells Amba that these women came from NGO. Gunjan says we didn’t call anyone. Rohan asks how did they come. Raj says we come to help people, its our work, we felt we have old relation with you. Mannu looks on. Sukhi smiles seeing them.

Amba says we will show place where we want to make women ashram, freshen up and have food, we will make your arrangements in guest house. Raj says its risky to stay in guest house alone. Mannu asks how will you encourage others if you get scared. Raj tries to manage. Raj tells a sad story. He says fine, we will stay in guest house alone. Amba says no, you will stay here in our house. Raj and Rohan get happy. Raj thanks her. Raj sees Mannu. Rohan sees Simran. Raj thinks we will soon find that girl and save Preet and her family.

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