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The Episode starts with Raman stopping Amba and apologizing to her for Harjeet’s doings. She says you have grown up, never go against parents. He says my and my dad’s ideals are different. Amrit comes and says you here Amba…. Amba says woman’s fate… don’t know where it takes woman, you came to my house 7 years ago when Jagan tried to ruin your respect, remember, and today its on my respect, will you help me. Amrit says I remember your favour, but I can’t go against Harjeet. Amba folds hands and says I came to you with much hope. Amrit says you maybe thinking I m unthankful, but we women are under husband’s wife like a shoe, I can’t say anything to Harjeet, else he will do what he did with you, if he knows I came to Pavaniya’s house, he will bury me in wall, I m helpless, forgive me Amba.

She goes.

Mannu looks for Amba. Amba comes home and enters the room by window. Bebe comes to the room and sees Amba. He asks what was the work that you had to go outside the house. Amba worries. Bebe asks to whom did you meet by going via window. Raavi comes and says Harjeet called and asked did you reach home safe or not. Bebe pushes Amba on the floor and says you went to meet your lover, you ruined my respect, do you have shame or not, your ten days go to hell, I will kick you out of this house. Mannu says you gave her 10 days, give me one day time, for my sake. He requests Bebe.

Bebe leaves Amba and says this Amba broke my trust, she has hurt my dead son Charan’s soul, you are taking side of this characterless woman, she went to her lover, to meet our enemies. Mannu says fine, give me just one day, I will prove my mummy right, I know she is not like this. Bebe says fine, just one day. Raavi says Amba has dug the pit for herself. Bebe and Raavi go. Mannu tells Amba that he will prove her right. Amba says don’t wipe my tears, I m habitual to this, I regret now nothing can happen, they don’t trust us, one last hope was Amrit, she also refused to help. Mannu says Raj’s mummy….

Its morning, Mannu asks Raj to help her. Raj tells Mannu that her mum gets beaten up by dad and does not speak up, how will she help. Mannu says if I fail to prove my mum innocent, I have to leave this village. Raj hugs Mannu.

Raman asks Amrit to help Amba, a good woman is defamed. Amrit says you know your dad, he will never allow me. Raj says if you ask permission by fear, Papa won’t agree. Raman says Papa can’t do anything, we are with you, we both are with you, I know we should have given you courage before, but we did not had sense before which we had now, we will always be with you.

Its night, Mannu comes home. Amba asks him not to be worried, you did many tries, if nothing happens now, we will go silently, sometimes we should leave things to Lord, he does things right. Mannu says Raj did not call till now, it means he could not convince his mummy. Amba says its fine, he would be helpless. Mannu says I will get justice for you, I will do something to prove you right.

Raavi tells Bebe that its Mata Ki Chowki in my relative house, we used to keep it before, I heard good mandli came in village and its going to Bajwa house too. Bebe gives money and says tell them kheer is from Pavaniya’s side, come back on time, don’t talk a lot, else I will not leave you. Raavi says when will Amba go from here that we can celebrate some festival.

Everyone attend the Mata Ki Chowki. Badho Bahu Komal, Ganga and Santoshi pray and do aarti. Bebe asks Amba are you still here, pack your bags, I don’t want to see you in this house. Amba cries.

Mannu recalls Raj’s words and runs. Amba comes to her room and packs her bags. Mannu comes in Mata Ki Chowki. Ganga, Santoshi and Komal see Mannu. Mannu faints. They worry for him. Santoshi asks what happened, open your eyes. They tale Mannu to room and care for him. Mannu gets conscious and says I have to go, I have no time to eat food. He cries thinking of Amba and says I failed, I can never fulfill my promise, I had one day time, what shall I do. Santoshi says your mum can’t lose. Mannu says I m not a boy, I m a girl. They get shocked. Mannu tells them everything.

Mannu says I m a girl, I m weak. Ganga asks who told you girls are weak, if you get determined, no power in the world can make you lose, nothing is tough, you can do anything. Santoshi makes him drink water and says I m Santoshi, you know meaning of Santoshi, calm and stable, think what you want and Devi Maa will support you, even Devi Maa is a girl, is she weak, no right, then how can we be weak, devotion and belief have much power. Komal says look at me, who said girls are weak, see I have much strength. She lifts Mannu. Ganga asks Mannu to identify his inner strength and fulfill promise to Amba.

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