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The Episode starts with Mannu saying Raj is my husband. Amba says I don’t accept this marriage. Mannu says it does not matter now, we got married, we are husband and wife from today, shoot us, but I will also die along with him. Amba gets angry. Mannu asks did you want this, did Papa ji want this. Amba drops the gun. Amba recalls Mannu and says you got selfish, you cheated me. Mannu asks did I get selfish, I have lived as you said, you killed the girl within me.

Mannu says Preet is in front of you, Preet got alive because of Raj, he can’t be enemy. Raj starts laughing. Mannu and Amba get shocked. Mannu goes to Raj and asks what happened to you, why are you laughing like this, I m feeling scared. Raj asks Mannu to look around, who has come. Amba sees Harjeet, Jagan, Mohini and everyone coming. Jagan

asks Amba to point gun. Jagan asks Mannu to move aside. Raj says it will be big drama now Preet. Nihaal asks Raj not to come close to Harjeet.

Raj punches Nihaal. Mannu asks what are you doing. Raj holds Harjeet’s feet and greets him. Raj says I m Raj, your son. They all get shocked. Raj says see, I m not handicapped now, I can walk and run, today its a day of happiness, we met today after many years, celebrations should be better, so I did this drama for you, I have insulted these Pavaniyas. Mannu, Jagan, Gunjan and Amba get shocked.

Everyone look on. Mannu sits down in shock. Harjeet asks are you Raj, what’s happening, someone tell me, who is this girl. Raj says I will say. He greets Aman and says don’t feel bad, give me this Pagdi for some time. He asks did anyone see her in village before, no right, I will say who is she. Amba gets tensed.

Raj makes Mannu wear pagdi and asks them to see now, you will know this guy. Amba panics. Jagan, Raavi, Harjeet, Mohini and everyone get shocked seeing Mannu. Jagan recalls doubting Amba’s child is a daughter, not a son. Jagan says Amba had a daughter. He looks at Amba.

Mannu says Raj, why did you do this and cries. She asks why did you break my trust, why did you cheat your childhood friend. Raj says I m not your friend, you killed Raman, you can’t be my friend Mannu, what did you think, this temple, pandit and mangalsutra are coincidence, no I did planning to take revenge from you and Pavaniyas. Harjeet looks on. Raj says I was going to do this with Gunjan, when I got to know you are a girl, not guy, I thought to attack you.

Raj says everything was my plan, your mum shooting me, as I have Bajwas’ tiger, bullet won’t touch me till I want, I did not get shot, I have hurt myself. Mannu and everyone get shocked. He recalls stabbing his arm. He greets Amba and says you were getting the letters from me, Preet would have not gone against you, I had to do this to make her against you. Jagan gets angry.

Raj says you got that message from me, so that you can see these Pavaniyas’ real face, Amba raised her daughter Mannu as guy, she fooled everyone and made her Shah. He says Amba truth is out today. Aj says you wanted me to meet my father, I fulfilled your wish Preet, this game was done to get my father’s blessings, I have stayed without father’s love for many years, now I will get him. He breaks her mangalsutra and puts in havan fire. Mannu gets shocked.

Raj says all lies burnt in this fire, there was no love and friendship stories, truth is I m a Bajwa, and you are a Pavaniya, Bajwas and Pavaniyas can’t be friends, did I say true Papa. Harjeet opens arms and asks Raj to hug him, its biggest gift for me, you made me glad. Raj hugs Harjeet. Harjeet says my Raj, my heir. Raj cries and thinks of Harjeet’s anger. Harjeet asks Raj to come home. Raj goes with him. Mannu recalls Raj’s words.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. i never raj from beginning but i want preet should forget him and move on

  2. sorry mistake in like
    i never like raj


    Plus on a positive side this maybe Raj-Preet plan so that Harjeet gets happy make him Shah and so that they can change mindset of people.They willnot turn Raj so negative.So yea have patience everyone ?

  4. Fati

    Never ever thought he would do something like this but now I want Preet/mannu to take revenge from Raj

  5. Satya

    If raj is not doing drama to oust mohini, he is demented and preet is better off without him. Even when raj finds out mohini killed Raman she shouldn’t forgive him. In the meanwhile will jagan turn against amba and throw her and preet out? Precap shows preet trying to protect amba in a panchayat meet.

  6. Dharmika Tulsi

    At first,I also fell for the RajPreet chemistry.Then I witnessed today’s SOUL STIRRING episode,and was cursing Raj (as well as the writers). But after watching the next week precap…I again fell for WAARIS,which never ceases to amaze me. When Preet was defending her mother,the first thing that came to my mind was… THAT’S THE SPIRIT. NOW THE REAL WAR BEGINS! In Preet’s words, “Kudiyon Mein bhi ladkon jitna Dum hota hai,bas kuch ladke usse bhul jate hein”. That Cheap Raj thought by doing this,he can weaken ManPreet.But this made her more strong and bold.Now she will show you what a woman can do. Are utni strong to wo tab bhi nahin THA jab wo Mannu ban k talwarein aur bandookein chala RAHA THA.Ab dekhna Raj,Preet ka DURGA ROOP.Wait and watch…ek aurat kya nahin kar sakti… Ab shuru hogi asli kahani.Jab Mannu Preet ban kar duniya se ladegi.Aur duniya ko dikha degi Ki LADKIYAN KUCHH BHI KAR SAKTI HEIN. (which was the theme of this saga).

  7. Kya likhna hai ye bhi nahi pata.Preet ur acting is fantastic.Ab jagan Preet ke saath kya karne wale hai yeh bhi nahi pata.

  8. Bring raj down on his knees preet, show him what he has lost and would pay dearly for what he has done with her mother and her.
    Even if you him someday it would never be the same again and he should also understand that the war has just begun and he will be standing right in front of “MANPREET PAVANIYA – THE STRENGTH AND POWER INCARNATED” before he gets anywhere near her or her family.
    All the same we are waiting for the power packed performance here.

  9. Ab preet apna badala legi raj se par use nahi pata raj jo bhi kar raha hai wo usase kiye vade ke liye kyuki raj ne preet se kaha tha ki agar wo apani asliyat apani ma ko bataagi to wo apane ghar jakar apani asliyat batakar shah banega. Sidhe tarikese batata to harjeet use shah nahi banata isiliye ye tarika apnaya. Aur preet bhi usase dur nahi ja sakti q ki shi is hos wife now. Lekin preet ko nahi pata shayad to wo apana badala legi. Use shah ko gaddi se koi nahi utha sakta Qki Sher Se Jada Katarnak SHERANI Hoti Hai, jo iswaqt jakhami hai. Jakhami sherni ka war khatarnak hita hai ab bajwao ki khair nahi isi galatfemiyome Raj aur Preet ki love story dushamnio me shuru rahegi and upcourse the writter same story koi tisara aayega bas o ladaka hoga ladaki ye dekhana baki hai. Muze lagata hai ki preet ke liye ladakahi aayega. Villan to pahale se hi tayar hai Nihal ab use bhi to pata hai na ki mannu ek ladaki hai.

  10. Pragati absolutely right. There is now villain Nihal waiting to make moves on preet. I do strongly feel raj is still with preet. But his need for approval from his dad is too strong. Plus now the inhouse war at pawaniyas will emerge agin as jagan will definitely claim shah – ship

  11. Something striked after reading this update just now. Raj says his initial plan involved trapping gunjan. But if I remember he had addressed her as didi right from day 1. Did the script writer forget this before writing this episode ??

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