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The Episode starts with Jagan walking in the panchayat office. He greets the panchayat. He asks them to clap for Amba. Everyone clap for Amba. He says today Amba has told a big thing, but I want to ask one thing, Amba wants to educate her daughters, its good thing, nothing is wrong in it, but why is my nephew caged at home. Amba gets shocked. The people start discussing. Jagan says I m not against girls’ studies, its good thing and progressive, but coming generations will come, we have to first make current generation well, bird will fly from the nest, its nature, but how will tiger learn to hunt.

Jagan says Mannu is going to become Shah, I want to see him going school, if panchayat commands this, then its good. Amba tells about her mannat for Shah ji’s long life as he was getting attacked often.

Jagan says we will send him in security, no one can see him, but we can’t be afraid and limit him from going school, this will be wrong. Panchayat asks Amba if she has to say anything. Amba says I will send Mannu to school when right time comes. Mannu and Jagan smile. Amba promises.

Mannu comes home and tells Simran that he will go to school too. Simran teaches him to say word school and laughs. Raavi comes and says boys are not caged at home, but your mummy just makes fake promises, you got Simran her right to go school, but you can’t go. Mannu gets sad and goes to terrace. He hits a glass with gulel. Bebe cuts mangoes. A lady complains about Mannu breaking pots. Bebe says he is always at home. The lady says Mannu saved that neighbors’ marriage and also aimed well to save that man. Bebe says Mannu has gone on his dad and Dada, they also had good aim. She gives her money and sends her.

Sukhi tells Bebe about Bajwa’s car getting stuck in their area. Bebe smiles. She goes to Mannu and asks why did he break the pot. Mannu says that lady was keeping two pots on her bahu’s head, so I broke it. Bebe says I was thinking, how did you aim so far. Mannu says my aim is very solid. Bebe shows Bajwa’s car there and says Bajwas are our enemy, break their car mirror. He asks why, they are not doing anything wrong. She says I m telling you. He says no, mummy asked me not to do anything wrong, you can be wrong too, mummy says we should solve fights and not initiate fights. Amba calls out Mannu. He goes. Mannu gets angry.

Bebe scolds Amba and says you are teaching peace to Mannu. Amba says I m teaching what Charan would have taught Mannu. Bebe says I don’t want another Charan, I want another Jagan who can take revenge and kills Bajwas, I will not let him become a coward. Amba says Charan gave up his life to get peace in village, I will teach my son and make him Charan, not Jagan, Charan was not a coward, even Jagan could not do that, fighting is easy, and getting peace is very tough.

Raman plays flute. Swaroop says its too good, but where will we get girls. He says panchayat decided that girls will come to school too. She jokes. He says if I fall in love by mistake then…. She says you will get a heer too and pulls his leg. Bebe recalls Amba’s words and gets angry. Jagan tells Bebe that Mannu is Charan’s son, you make Sukhi the Shah, he is Mannu’s elder brother, leave me, you can tell everyone that elder son has become Shah. Bebe says we are tied by traditions and can’t break it, else I would have made you Shah. He gets angry.

Its morning, Jagan asks Sukhi from where did he steal mangoes and scolds him. Sukhi says I have stolen it from Bajwa’s farm, I swear on you. Jagan says great my tiger son, look at him Bebe. He compares Mannu with Sukhi. Bebe says Mannu is two years younger, I will make him tiger too. Jagan challenges Mannu and jokes on him. Mannu runs to terrace. Jagan says Mannu would have gone to Amba. Bheeru defends Mannu. Jagan scolds him for staying in Amba’s sasural, what did you get by studying books, don’t interfere in our house matters. Mannu goes to the tree by the balcony and jumps down. Bheeru sees him and asks him to stop. Mannu leaves from home.

Bheeru tells Amba that Mannu has run away. She gets shocked. Some men follow Mannu. Mannu collides with Amrit. Harjeet sees him.

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