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The Episode starts with Amba rushing to Simran. Bebe throws the hot coal and says till Simran gets married, she won’t walk. Simran cries in pain. Its night, Amba cries seeing Simran in pain. Simran cries. Mannu asks her not to cry, they all are with her. He hugs Simran. Bheeru comes there. Amba asks whats happening, I can’t see all this. He says this time tide is much higher, I can’t see the shore, I don’t know what will happen. She cries.

Amba goes to Bebe. Bebe asks her did she not get angry, I thought you won’t come to me. She shows Chandar’s kundli and says its matching with Simran’s kundli, his parents are no more, Simran will rule in his house, I had to do this, else relation would not got missed, why do you think we think bad about Simran. Amba says I m not angry as I was not

told about my daughter’s marriage, I m annoyed as Raavi got this proposal as she dislikes Simran, its Charan’s dream to make Simran study, he is not in this world, his dreams have no value in anyone’s eyes, I regret for this.

Bebe says his dream was to get friendly with Bajwas, he got killed, what do you think, I don’t love my son, I love him, but his thinking is opposite to customs, world can’t run as he wanted. Amba thinks Bebe has to understand that world runs by people and emotions, not customs.

Its morning, Mannu meets Raj and says sorry. Raj asks him to go away. Mannu says I m really saying sorry, I m already worried. Raj says I don’t want to get angry. Mannu stops him and says my sister is forced to marry a bad guy, I thought you will help me. Raj says you are selfish. Mannu says I m doing this for my sister, I m not lying. Raj asks his sister’s age. Mannu counts and says maybe 16. Raj says girls don’t marry in age of 16, its illegal to marry under 18 years of age. Mannu asks Raj is he saying right. Raj stops Sir and asks age for driving, giving vote and marriage. Sir says such work can’t be done below 18 years of age, go to class. Mannu gets an idea. Raj goes. Mannu says it means Simran can’t marry anyone.

Chandar says I always say, beat the Bajwas. Jagan says yes, if any Bajwa come infront of me, I would just kill him. Raman comes infront of their car and hide his face. Jagan leaves. Raman says I got saved today, where is Simran’s house, I have to find.

Simran sits in balcony and studies. Raman comes in disguise to sell icecream. Simran hears him and thinks whether its Raman. She sees him and gets worried. Raman sees her hiding and smiles. Amba comes there. Simran says I called you as I had to go inside room. Amba asks her to come, and takes her. Amba asks Simran not to worry, I m with you, when your foot gets fine, I will send you to school.

Raman climbs the balcony and says I have come till now, how to find Simran’s room. He hides seeing Amba. Jagan and Chandar come home. Amba sees Chandar. Chandar greets her. Bebe asks Amba to get lassi for Chandar. Bebe says Chandar and Simran’s kundli matched. Amba gets lassi. Chandar looks at Amba and smiles. He holds Amba’s hand and she gets shocked.

Chandar says now I understood, how Simran got beauty, from Bebe. Bebe says he jokes good and laughs. Amba goes. Mannu sees Chandar. Bheeru asks Mannu what is he doing here. Mannu says Simran is of 16 years. Bheeru says she maybe 15-16 year old, why are you asking. Mannu says we can’t do driving, give vote and do marriage under the age of 18, it means Bebe can’t make Simran marry, tell them Simran is not 181 years old. Bheeru says I can’t do anything, I m not part of this family. Mannu asks why, you stay with us. Bheeru says leave it, come with me.

Raman hides seeing Mannu and Bheeru. He silently goes inside Simran’s room. He says Simran. She gets shocked seeing him. Chandar asks Bebe shall I go and see Simran. Raman removes his fake moustache. Chandar walks upstairs. Simran falls and Raman holds her.

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    Amena precap is that raman tells simi that he loves her . Simi scolds him n asks what is this. Raman again says that he wont go untill he hears the reply. Raman is still holding her n chander enters thè room.

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