Waaris 4th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Mannu saves Jhilmil’s life

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The Episode starts with Mannu getting shocked seeing Jhilmil tied to the tree. Some tantric provokes the people to burn her alive. Mannu scolds them. She asks Sukhi to stop them. Jhilmil shouts for help. Mannu fights with them. A man asks her to leave and threatens. Raj comes to her rescue and takes sword, asking the men to come ahead and fight. Mannu saves Jhilmil and leaves with Sukhi and Raj. They get Jhilmil to hospital. Raj sees Mannu’s wound bleeding and takes her to ward. He sees her wound. She holds his hand. Saathi re…..plays…. She bears the pain.

Raj does the aid to her wound. She cries. Nurse comes there and says blood stopped, I will do bandage, who are you. Mannu says he is no one, we have no relation. Raj gets shocked. Mannu goes to see Jhilmi. She sees Jhilmil’s mum, who falls in her feet and thanks her. Mannu says if you all support her, none can do anything. The lady says we can’t do anything.

Amba looks on. The angry crowd enter the hospital to kill Jhilmil. Mannu says if we get together, none can do anything to Jhilmil. They all block the entrance. Raj scolds the men and says I m Bajwas’ would be Shah, I will throw you all out of this village. He opens the door and faces them.

The man says we will go to Harjeet Bajwas. Mannu says we women don’t need men, men used to become Shah, but not now, Amba Pavaniya will sit on Pavaniya’s Shah seat, she i our Shah from today. Amba looks at her. Mannu says you will support us from today. They all chant Amba’s name. Mannu says Amba will protect all of us from today. Amba hugs her. The man threatens them. They all leave. A man informs someone that its time for next plan. Rohan comes to room and sees Raj. Raj laughs. He says I m laughing on myself, Preet and Simran didn’t agree, I realized I didn’t value Preet, I have seen her new side and realized my mistake, she has big heart to fight for strangers, I love her a lot. Rohan says don’t know how madly you love her, but I understood, our fate is bogus in love. Amrit says change your fate and get my bahus home. She hugs Raj and Rohan. Raj says Preet hates me. Amrit says love fight is never easy. Raj thinks I will win Preet’s love again.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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    Show is getting interesting.. but who is behind men and women fight ????..
    This show always had different thinking but sometime too slow and sometime too fast.. i hope rohan and raj get their love simi and preet soon..

    Precap- raj and rohan see someone about bad mouthing and planning bad things against amba and decide to inform preet and save their dignity.

  2. nice

  3. So good people out and so many villains inside jail
    Jagan chacha
    Mohini aunty
    And ravi chachi mother

    So when any of them come out again new twist …..

    So which lady doing against amba might bhi ravi chachi mother ?

    And might be sakhshi ????

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