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The Episode starts with Raman answering the call. He hears Bebe and thinks was it Simran, it was Bebe’s voice, I will call her. Raj worries that Raman can know about Mannu. Mannu says I was calling my friend and gets hiccups. Bebe asks them not to touch phone and goes. Mannu tells Gunjan that this is not Raj’s call, we should not answer it. Simran attends the call and talks to Raman. He asks did you call. She says no, don’t call here again. She ends call and goes.

Mannu goes again and calls Raj. Raj answers the call. Mannu says I have to meet you, its imp. Raj says yes, I m coming. Raj goes and meets Mannu at the shade. Raj asks Mannu not to worry if we did not get phone, we will find some way. Raman comes there and sees them. He shows Swaroop’s phone to them and says I have stolen this from

Papa. Raj asks how did you we want this phone. Raman recalls Simran’s words. He says I m elder and would know it, Mannu if you need anything, you can tell me. Mannu thanks him. Raj says see Mannu, how our problem is getting easy. Raman asks them to be careful. He says Mannu, tell Simran that Raman is with you. Mannu says fine and smiles.

Sukhi goes to Raavi and asks for food. Gunjan tells Mannu that they will trap Sukhi. They both talk about Ravinder’s call who was asking for Jagan. Mannu says I m Shah and won’t go little things. Gunjan says but it was imp call and it can be loss, if we save the loss, we can get 5 lollypops. Mannu says I don’t care for Jagan’s loss and they go. Sukhi says Papa ji’s loss, and its 5 lollypops profit. He tells Jagan about Ravinder’s call. Jagan goes. Sukhi asks for lollypops. Mannu and Gunjan smile.

Jagan goes to tailor Ravinder and asks him why did he call him. He asks him not to tell anything about Harjeet’s kalgi. Raj records it and comes home. Harjeet sees the video and says how did this Jagan’s video come here, whose phone is this. Raj says its Bua’s phone, I was learning to make video. Harjeet asks him to first learn to walk.

Mannu sits thinking. Amba comes to him. Mannu refuses to have milk. Amba says I know you are thinking a lot, but Charan used to say, no war can be won empty stomach. She hugs Mannu. Mannu says my plan should not fail, I m worried, Jagan should get trapped in my plan, then Bebe and everyone will apologize to you. Amba asks Lord to bless Mannu.

Harjeet sees the Kalgi and checks it. He sees the video again and gets thinking. He calls Amrit and asks about his Kalgi. She says Dhobi fixed it and sent it, I thought you bought new one for Jashan. Harjeet removes the Kalgi. He smiles and says whatever it is, now this Kalgi will be of my use.

Raj calls Mannu and says plan flopped, my Papa got the phone and video also. Mannu gets sad and ends call. He thinks how to show video to Bebe and prove mummy right. He holds his head and worries.

Amba stitches clothes. Mannu comes crying and says I lost to Jagan again. Amba shuts the door and asks what happened. Mannu says Raj’s Papa got Kalgi by Dhobi Ravinder, Jagan paid him, we had the proof, the video landed in Harjeet’s hands, now he has that mobile. Amba says you did all this alone, why did Jagan do this, he can ruin my respect to become Shah. Mannu asks do you still want to leave home and let Jagan become Shah, I will not go whatever happens, I will not let Jagan win. Waaris….plays………

Amba agrees and says I can’t let my pind in Jagan’s hands, he will ruin everything, I can’t be selfish, Charan died for the pind, I m just thinking when you did all this alone, I will not leave from here, you are not alone, I m with you. They hold hands. She says Jagan has played with my respect, I have to take a step to fail him, I will do which I never did. Mannu hugs her. Waaris……plays……….

Its morning, Amba goes and looks at Bajwa house… She recalls whatever happened. Harjeet sees Amba coming. He gets shocked. He says oho, Pavaniya’s eldest bahu my home, and that too alone. He comes downstairs and reminds how Charan and Amba for Baisakhi fair by our fields, that shortcut proved to be costly, and today you came here alone, I think your fear got less, I have seen the video, Jagan was talking to my Dhobi, this is your husband’s Kalgi, Jagan made it reach me and you got defamed, Jagan is very mean, one should not trust Dhobi, even Sita was removed from kingdom because of Dhobi.

She says I did not come to fight, I request you to tell truth that Jagan did all this. He says I heard we are having an affair. She asks him not to ruin woman’s respect and take revenge by other means. The men come and surround her. Harjeet stops her and says fine, I m ready to come with you, but I have a condition.

He says if you take this Kalgi from me, I will even go to hell with you. The men laugh. Harjeet asks her to come and take Kalgi. He throws Kalgi to the men. He asks Amba to go and get Kalgi. Amba gets shocked. He sits and laughs watching Amba. Raman comes there and gets shocked seeing Amba’s state. Raman asks Harjeet to stop it. Harjeet asks him to shut up and go to his room. Amba sees Raman. Harjeet says maybe Pavaniyas forgot, but we did not forget our enmity. He gets the Kalgi and says you told me about Lala ji, I have sworn on his death that till I take revenge from each Pavaniya, I will not sit quiet, go Amba, if people take us together, it will be new gossip. He keeps the Kalgi back. Amba stares angrily.


Bebe asks Amba whom did you meet and pushes her on the ground for meeting Harjeet. She asks Amba to get out. Amba packs her bags and says where did Mannu go. Mannu goes in navrarti puja, where Ganga gives him aarti.

Update Credit to: Amena

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