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The Episode starts with Amba shooting Raj and thinking how far will you run. Mannu comes there and sees Raj. She shouts Raj and runs to him. Raj falls down. She holds him. He says how much will we run, Amba got to know I m Raj Bajwa, she shot me, Harjeet is also finding me. She says nothing will happen to you, get up, come. She worries for the bleeding. She asks Raj to sit in car. Raj says let me go. She says you gave me this life, Preet was dead, you made me alive, it does not matter if I die. He asks don’t you get scared, I m your enemy, Raj Bajwa. She says you are my life, my love, you wanted to hear this.

Raj says there is much pain on this way. She says I will bear. He says family will become enemy. She says let it be. He says you can lose life. She says I m ready to sacrifice. He says let me

go. She asks will you decide always, you left me last time, Mannu lived, but I will die. They hug. They hear people finding them. Raj asks her to go. She refuses. They hear temple bells. Raj asks her where to go. She says Lord is calling temple. They smile.

Gunjan and Aman take wedding rounds. Pahuja says Amba and Mannu are not here, what type of mum and brother are they. Harjeet comes there. They all get shocked. Gunjan says Amba and Jagan are not here, it does not mean our enemies come here. Harjeet asks for Raj. Gunjan says we don’t know, he is gone. Aman says now Gunjan is my wife, she is collector’s bahu, we can do anything. Harjeet says I m leaving to settle scores with someone, don’t threaten me. He leaves.

Mohini and Nihaal come there. Harjeet says there is no one here. Mohini thinks my plan worked. Harjeet gets a message and leaves. Nihaal says we have to follow him, something big will happen. Mannu and Raj come to temple. She says we will marry. He asks are you mad, how can we marry like this. She says no girl will wish to marry like this, but no girl will wish anyone to kill her lover, I m also a lover, Amba will never kill my husband, I will become your kavach. Raj says no Preet, I lost walking support, I can’t make this marriage a support, we will marry in front of everyone as we love each other, not because we fear to die.

Amba is on the way. Mannu says you know Raj, when I was making Simran and Raman marry, Simran asked me to marry, we will stay together, I did not understand this, then Simran smiled and said, when you grow up and fell in love, you will understand. Old moment is seen. Mannu says Simran knew everything that there is love between us, not friendship, now i understood and won’t let my love get sacrificed, once we marry, Simran and Raman will smile seeing us.

She asks what happened. He says I m seeing the girl who used to get scared of love, how did you get courage. She asks why, did you get scared seeing courage, you have to eat food made by me, did you change mind, once marriage happens, I will not leave you. Raj smiles. She says this way just goes ahead, no option to move back.

Raj shows the mangalsutra and says I got this, I had belief in my love, I just wanted to hear it from you. Mannu and Raj sit to marry. Amba and Jagan reach there. Raj fills sindoor in Mannu’s maang. Jagan says we got news, Raj is hiding here. Amba says stay here, I will go and see.

Harjeet is also on the way. Raj and Mannu take rounds. Pandit says wedding is completed, you both are husband and wife now. Amba runs upstairs. Raj hugs Mannu. Amba aims gun at Raj. Mannu says don’t do this mistake, Raj is my husband. Amba gets shocked.

No Precap

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Dats not fair yaar… Preet just can’t be happy or what???? What revenge does Raj want ???

  2. The precap was
    ” Mannu says to Amba that Raj cannot be our enemy he alived the preet.Raj starts laughing.
    Next scene whole Bajwa and Pawaniya fam reach Mandir.Raj puts pagri on mannu and ask you all might know him.They are shocked to see Mannu as preet.Amba is broken and mannu cries too”

    this was the only thing I feared the most that Raj was here to revenge Raman’s death ??
    Dont do this please dont.Preet will be broken ???
    She took a very huge step for Raj and went against her fam if Raj did this then this is not done.?

    1. It was heart breaking ?
      I wasn’t ready for this.

  3. What is the revenge he is taking from preet

    1. Satya

      Useless revenge since his father killed simran


    After seeing promo I was not able to watch show.. i can’t see rajveer being villian and all he did to take revenge.
    So for time being i am quiting show.

    1. Satya

      When ever amba used to be in deep trouble I used to quit watching until the promos showed tables turn around in her favor. I want to watch mohini’s reaction as Raj’s action will threaten her ambitions.

  5. It’s not true. Raj do this only for preet.

  6. no shradda dont quit.now the show become interesting.their real love story will start.now


      I know fateha.. but till that tym where they will recover from this pain, I can’t see rajveer act as villian.
      Now a days Raj and Preet was my most fvt. Couple after suman and ranveer(ek vivha aisa bhi). But writers are spoiling it.. and i do not have courage to see this spoil. So till that time I am quitting show.

  7. Raj do everything because he is giben preet real identy and ambaa exept the girl power and his given preet pavaniyas shah. Raj do this because his father be happy and raj become bajwas shah mohini plan fail. Raj useing shah power to protect preet and slient rwo family fight and he will marry preet this time that everyone present.

    1. But insulting preet in front of all…..isn’t good at all.?

  8. Agar Raj aisa karta hai to ye serial dekhna bekar hai

    1. Haan yar!kya kar dala inn logon ne?

  9. What the hell was that in the precap?
    I am not ready for this.?

  10. Satya

    Very heartbreaking. Harjeet had received SMS while leaving pawania house. He didn’t show it to anyone and left for temple. Mohini’s son feels insecure and urges his mother to follow harjeet. Who sent that SMS to harjeet. Is Amrit too part of this deception against pawanias via preet? on the other hand will raj through his revelation expose the social evils of the society that forced amba to bring up preet as mannu?

  11. Really heart breaking.cried alot.Raj win his cheap game.Now he become hero of the pind and shah of bajwa’s.Feel so bad for Preet….

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