Waaris 3rd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Raj gets framed

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The Episode starts with Raj getting Gunjan to hospital and shouting for doctor. Jagan says disease has started since he came home. He gets a pocket and asks what’s this. Chandar comes and says this is some mixture. Mannu runs with the medicines. Goons follow. She falls down. The medicine box falls away. Medicine bottle breaks. Chandar checks packet and says this mixture is the one by which epidemic is spreading. Raj falls down. Doctor takes him. Nurse says Chandar’s medicine worked, you can meet relatives. Amba signs her men to go. Jagan and Chandar get glad. Mannu comes to hospital.

Amba asks the men to throw Raj outside, such that no one helps him. Chandar hears her and smiles. Mannu gets medicines and thinks there are many people and just two medicine bottles, I have to find some way by meeting

Raj. She sees people chanting Chandar’s name. She gets shocked seeing Chandar. People praise Chandar. Mannu sees Amba.

Amba says I got Chandar out. Mannu asks how can you do this, he is a big fraud. Amba says just he has medicine and he saved everyone. Mannu says I told you I will get medicine, see I got medicines, you think Chandar will save everyone, why did you not wait, everything will get ruined. Amba asks will these two bottles save everyone, entire village is ill, Raj is behind all this, we got a packet from his pocket, he has cheated us again, I have proof this time. Mannu gets shocked. Chandar and Jagan smile.

Mannu says no, my Raj can’t do this. Amba asks did you go blind in love, come with me. Mannu says I can’t believe this. She asks doctor to give medicine to her sister and make her fine. Doctor says I gave her Chandar’s medicine, Gunjan is pregnant, if any reaction happens, her baby can fall in risk. Mannu says Chandar gave wrong medicines, take this. Amba says you have no right to decide. Mannu says you can’t decide as you feel Chandar is right, I will decide. Aman says no, Gunjan is my wife, she has my child, I can’t take risk, I have to agree to doctor. Chandar says you want to send me to jail, I want to save everyone, think for Gunjan and her child. Jagan says this is called greatness. Chandar acts good. Mannu asks where is Raj. Jagan says person bears punishment for his bad deeds, he got ill. Mannu asks doctor where is Raj. Doctor says he is admitted in that ward. Manny runs to see Raj. She looks for Raj. Jagan says maybe he has run away thinking we will give him to police.

Mannu scolds him. Jagan argues. Mannu runs to find Raj. Chandar says we have to separate Raj and Mannu forever, throw him away. Mannu looks for Raj. Raj is behind some tree. He hears Mannu shouting. Raj tries to reach her. Someone hits him.

Chandar says Raj will go away, then Preet’s happiness will go. Mannu prays for Raj. She falls down.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Haha.. wat a storyline.. this soap is going bad day by day.. u guys wil lose one more viewer.. wat can amba do for d village wen she herself has no sense to judge between good and bad people.

  2. Its bad really bad story line.
    How preet managed to escape ? Why she only took 2 bottles? What happen to whole box ?
    After poison to raj how he is surviving?
    Really non sense serial now ….

    And amba character is hopeless ….

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