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The Episode starts with Jagan asking Amba to sign. He scolds the men and asks them to leave. He scares Amba and asks how will you save your young daughters from these animal men, today they went because of me, what will you do tomorrow when more men come. Amba asks him not to full his sin pot, be scared of Lord. He laughs and asks what did you get by being good, see your state, today the door has gone, if the roof also goes, where will you with your daughters. She says even if I have to beg on roads, I will not give you this right. He says fine, you won’t sign, you die along with your children, you won’t stay here under this roof, get out, pack your bags. They all get shocked. Amba asks her children to pack bags and leave. Jagan leaves.

Amba cries. They pack bags and leave. Jagan looks on. Mannu

gives slipper to Amba. Jagan signs the men. The men shout beat them. They throw stones at Amba, saying they have put the village at stake. Mannu shouts and asks what did we do, why are you beating my mummy. The man says you signed on tender papers. Amba says we did not do anything, Jagan…. Simran asks them to go to bajwas. Raman looks on. The people say don’t fool us and beat them. Raman says its our side of men, I will stop them. Amrit stops him and says matter will get worse. Amrit and Raman look on. Mannu goes and gets a sickle.

He shouts and stops everyone. Jagan looks on. Mannu says I will kill anyone who throw stones now. The man says don’t be scared of kid, kick them out. Mannu asks him to come ahead if he has courage. He says I will kill everyone and scares them. Amba looks on shocked.

Jagan asks Amba to sign, she can stay in home then, why is she troubled her children. Mannu shouts we will come back home with respect, this is my promise, my mummy will not sign. Mannu gives hand to Amba. Amba holds his hand. Jagan gets angry. Amrit and Raman look on. Mannu asks all of the people to move, and takes Amba, Simran and Gunjan. Sushila looks on.

Mannu takes Amba to the shade. Amba asks what is this place. Mannu says friend’s place, Raj and I meet here, he is my friend, if you feel strange, we can go Gurudwara. Gunjan refuses to stay here, and says I want to go my home. Mannu says we will go home, everything will get fine. Gunjan says yes, Bebe will get fine and call us back, when will this happen, you make big promised, you said this for tender, what happened, all went wrong.

Amba says what are you saying Gunjan, you are elder, he is young, he always does something, is it his responsibility. Gunjan says no, its your responsibility, you should have signed and given what Jagan wants, atleast something good will happen. Mannu says if Jagan gets power, he will ruin everything, even if Amba signs, Sushila won’t let us stay there. Simran asks Sushila? Amba says yes, she trapped Mannu and got tender for Jagan. Mannu says we will win, we will go back home.

Gunjan asks will you fool Jagan that he calls us back home. Mannu says yes, we have to trap Jagan in his web. Simran asks what are you thinking. Mannu says Jagan told about Amba and Harjeet, he lied in panchayat, we have to make this lie a truth. Amba says no, I won’t lie and won’t let you lie. Mannu says we have make Jagan sure that his lie is true. Amba says no, I won’t let you lie, I don’t have to do anything with Harjeet, I will die but not take help from him, I swear on Charan.

Amrit asks Raman what are you doing. Raman says can’t we give them two blankets, they are staying out in cold. She says you know what can happen. Raman says if you don’t want to help them, fine, but don’t stop me. Harjeet comes and Raman collides. Harjeet asks where are you taking this. Amrit says I asked Raman to put this in sunlight. Harjeet scolds her and raises hand.

Raj holds Harjeet’s feet and apologizes, saying I always felt you are bad, you are very nice, your heart is of gold, everyone wins, real person is one who can manage failure, you lost tender, even then you did not do bad to Jagan and family, I understood it needs courage, I want to become like you. Harjeet gets puzzled and holds Raj to bless him. Amrit and Raman cry. Harjeet says fine and goes. Amrit asks Raj. Raj says no use to fight with Papa, maybe if we talk to him like this, he can agree to us. Amrit says you became smart, how do you think this. Raj says Mannu told me this idea, can’t we let them stay hungry in cold. Raman says please mummy…. Amrit nods.

Amrit, Raman and Raj go to the shade. Amba sees them. Raman says it gets cold at night, so mummy ji thought to get blankets for you all. Amrit says we got food for you. Mannu goes to accept. Amba asks him not to take anything. Amrit says I know, you don’t want to take any help from Bajwas, food is Lord’s blessing, atleast let kids have food, why to drag them in this fight. Amba says I understand, you were helpless to give wrong statement in panchayat, I m helpless today and can’t take Bajwas’ help.

Sushila asks Amba to agree to Jagan. Amba says I want my respect back. Amba asks Mannu what are you saying. Mannu says I was saying this, its tough, either we will get insulted and get out of village or go home with respect.

Update Credit to: Amena

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