Waaris 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Raj and Mannu hugging. Amba comes there and gets shocked. Se shuts door and scolds Raj for cheating her. She gets the gun and says he has to die. Mannu says no, he won’t tell my truth to anyone, he loves me. Amba asks and you, you love also him right. Mannu says no, I mean yea. Raj looks on. Mannu says I will do what you say, I will not meet him, he will go from here. She promises. He asks Raj to go. She begs Amba to leave Raj. Amba kicks Mannu and hits on Raj’s head. Mannu worries.

Amba says your time is good, next time I will not leave you, go from here. Mannu asks Raj to leave. Mannu cries. Raj goes and packs his bags. He thinks of Mannu. Acha chalta hun…..plays………. Mannu cries in her room. Mannu gets a letter and asks who has sent this. Raj touches her feet and takes blessings. Jagan attends guests. Raj sees Mannu. Mannu cries in her room.

Mannu gets Amrit and Raj’s photos and the letter. She gets shocked realizing Raj is Raj Bajwa. Amba comes to Mannu and asks since when did you know he is Raj Bajwa, tell me, you knew this right, don’t hide anything today. She hurts Mannu angrily. She says I did big mistake, I have left my enemy on your saying, I will find him and kill him. Mannu says no. Amba pushes her and goes. Mannu cries. She angrily throws her pagdi.

Amba and Harjeet are on the way. Mannu dressed as Preet leaves to find Raj. Amba asks Jagan to leave in other car, we can find Raj soon. He says fine, we will not leave Bajwa’s son. Amba leaves and thinks of Raj. Mannu looks for Raj. Amba recalls Mannu’s words. Raj gets upset and walks on the road. Amba sees Raj and stops the jeep. Raj looks at her. Amba points gun at him and says you are Bajwa’s son, tell me. Raj says yes. She shoots. Raj shouts Preet. Mannu hears him and gets shocked. She shouts Raj.

No Precap

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Toooo short update and too short update.
    Amba is sooo mad, that she forgot what his husband wanted..

    Precap- Preet and Raj marries and amba reaches temple.

    And why update is tooo late almost next day.


    New promo is so shocking???????????

  3. What is the new promo. No tragedy for raj and preet i suppose☹️?


      Actually its too tragedy..
      Raj took revenge by marrying preet. He says that it was my revenge for my brother who was killed by mannu. He made preet so helpless that she married me, now i break this marriage.

  4. What’s the new promo plzzzzz tell me by the way I am new to comment todays episode was superb


      Raj took revenge by marrying preet. He says that it was my revenge for my brother who was killed by mannu. He made preet so helpless that she married me, now i break this marriage.

  5. Oh my god! Not only preet has lost face now her secret is out with Bajwas. Terrible.

  6. Satya

    Just saw the new promo. Terrible. He betrays in front of harjeet, mohini,jagan……is it possible this betrayal is just an act to win his father’s confidence? To prevent mohini’s son from becoming shah?

  7. Satya

    Still the problem is what will happen to mannu aka preet? will jagan and raavi still remain subservient to amba?

  8. My God! How can Raj do this? The show has become awesome. Such nice shows should be telecasted twice in daytime. Update is too late.

    Maybe Raj has some other motive to do this by marrying Preet. Maybe he wants to free her.

  9. Satya

    I was getting goose bumps seeing Raj’s expressions. From tormented lover to a cold planner! The serial ends with him laughing hysterically at Preet and Amba’s mind blowing expression – once again shaming by a bajwa.
    Anonymous u r right. I think raj is helping preet to throws off the mask of Manu.

  10. Loved the epi…

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