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The Episode starts with Amba refusing for Simran’s marriage. Raavi asks what is bad in the guy. Amba says don’t know, but your intentions are bad as the way you all have hidden this. Jagan asks are we bad to do our duty, tell me whats wrong. Amba says you asked me to make kheer, special guests are coming, I m taking clearly, I asked you many times who is coming but no one told me, everyone knew and no one thought of telling me, Jagan got call and could not tell me that he worries for Simran. Raavi says I will faint, Amba is shameless woman, we are not like you, ask Bebe, she is elder, she told us.

She says we are thinking of Amba’s children and she is saying this, break this marriage. Bebe and Bheeru look on. Bebe says stop it now. She asks Amba what problem does she have with Simran’s marriage.

Amba says your son wanted his children to get educated and become something, I know every girl has to manage home, she stepped in 9th class. Bebe asks how old was she when she got married. Amba says 15 years but times changed now.

Bebe says you have sent Simran to study, she argues with everyone, did these times change, I will not let times of this house change, Simran should get married now, I matched Simran and Chandar’s kundli, its auspicious, you should be happy that everyone is thinking of your daughter, go and explain Simran too. Amba cries.

Amba goes to Simran. Simran asks her did Bebe agree to you. Amba slaps her. Simran hugs her. Amba says I can’t do anything, I can’t explain them, your one mistake ruined everything, how will you become doctor and fulfill my and Charan’s dreams. Mannu looks on. Amba says my daughter will get away from me, what was the need to argue with Raavi, why do you all don’t understand, what shall I do now, Raavi is taking revenge today, we all will burn in revenge fire, they made Bebe favor them, Charan would have managed, but I can’t manage.

Simran says I have apologized to Raavi, can’t Bebe see this. Amba ssays they don’t see anything, they don’t care, I was explaining this to you, men run the world, a man decides how much a woman should get respect and insult, a woman needs her husband and son to run her life, you are not my son, and my husband is dead, why do you all make me helpless. Mannu says but I m your son, I m everyone’s Shah, they will agree to me, that man is very bad, I have seen him, Simran can’t marry him, we have to think do we want to become coward or win, Charan will not like to see us losing, I m Shah, you can’t lose, I will not let this marriage happen.

Its morning, Simran gets ready to go to school. Bebe asks her not to go to school, her marriage is happening here, learn household work. She tells Raavi that she is going out, keep an eye on Simran. Bebe goes. Raavi taunts Simran and says she will burn her book. Amba comes and asks Simran to go to school. Raavi says Bebe asked you to teach cooking to Simran, and not send her to school.

Amba asks Simran to go to school. Raavi comes in way. Amba says I will talk to Bebe, Simran is getting late now. She sends Simran.

Later, Chandar comes and says I was passing by and thought to meet you all. Raavi says no one is at home, and there is just peace. He asks for Simran. She says that’s why you are looking here and there, Simran went to school. I told her whats the need to go to school when marriage is fixed. He says I did not see your house, will you show. She shows the house. He asks which is Simran’s room. She takes him to Simran’s room. He asks for water and she goes. He hugs Simran’s pillow. He thinks of Simran and holds her dupatta. He gets her dupatta on her face.

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