Waaris 31st October 2017 Written Episode Update: Jagan humiliates Raj

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The Episode starts with Jagan asking on whom will we rule if people die. Chandar says we will solve this mess, I will create the problem and then save them. Jagan asks how will this happen. Chandar says I have the cure of this disease. Jagan says it means you will come to cure everyone and then come out of jail. Chandar says till people show blind belief, our shop will run. Jagan praises him. He says you gave me an epidemic in hand. He laughs.

Raj serves food to the ladies. Mannu looks on and cries. Raj goes away and sits. Mannu sees Simran adding red chilli powder in Raj’s food. She asks Babli to give the food to Raj. Simran goes. Amba stops Mannu. Mannu asks what’s all this, Simran added…. Amba says he is servant, he has to eat what he gets. Jagan comes home. He asks Raj to get some

water. Raj gets water for him. He goes and sits. Mannu says like this family is treating Raj, none treats animals like this. Amba says family loves animals who are loyal, we don’t trust this Raj, he is not loyal, he deserves this.

Mannu takes Raj’s food plate. Mannu gets her food plate. Mannu says I want you to feed me, I will feed you. Raj nods. He feeds the spicy food to her, not knowing about extra chilli. Mannu feeds food to him. They sit together and eat. Mannu cries. Amba looks on. Mannu coughs and cries. Raj looks at her. He stops her and makes her eat from her plate. He eats the spicy food and cries. Everyone looks on. Amba doesn’t let Babli take water for Mannu. Gunjan gives sweets to Mannu and Raj. Gunjan asks Amba not to touch it, its shagun sweets. Amba asks what’s the good news. Gunjan feeds sweets to them. She says Preet is going to become Maasi. They all smile. Raj hugs and congratulates Aman. Mannu hugs Gunjan.

Amba blesses and hugs Gunjan. Panchayat members come. Gunjan asks Mannu not to lose courage, Amba will understand their love soon. Jagan goes to kitchen to add the powder in milk. Mannu comes and asks what are you doing. Jagan stops. He says I was seeing this lazy guy, he doesn’t do any work. He asks Raj to polish his shoes. Raj says its fine, I will do this. Mannu worries. Raj goes to clean shoes. Jagan keeps something in his pocket and goes.

Panchayat talks to Amba and praises her for becoming women’s voice. Mannu sits with Raj. Sarpanch praises Preet. Amba asks Raj to get juice for everyone. She asks Mannu to come to her. Raj goes to get. Sarpanch says Raj Bajwa. Amba says he is our servant. Mannu goes to help. Amba stops her. Raj says its fine, I will take it. Amba tastes juice. She throws it on Raj. Mannu shouts. Amba scolds Raj. Raj says its fine, I will make other one. Mannu says juice fell on you, see you got sticky, I will clean it. She cleans his clothes by her dupatta. Amba asks Simran to get juice. Mannu thinks Amba can test our love, but she can’t separate me from Raj.

Jagan asks Raj to get milk for kids. Jagan waits for the drugs to affect. Babli falls down. They get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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