Waaris 31st October 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Raavi and Sushila trying to ignite the matchstick. Jagan also tried to light the matchstick. Mannu asks shall I try. Jagan gives matchstick to him. Mannu also tries. He asks Amba to try once. Mannu recalls how he applied ghee to the matchstick outers. Amba tries and matchstick ignites in one go. Raavi, Sushila and Jagan get surprised. Raavi says stop.

Mannu holds the diya quickly towards Amba. Amba lights the diya. Amba does the aarti. Everyone do the aarti one and one. Amba cries and prays. Everyone take the aarti. Sukhi says this time I will take crackers. Jagan stops Mannu and asks where are you going. Mannu says I m going to give aarti to Bebe. Jagan says no need to trouble her, you all go home. Raavi says I will see him. Amba holds Mannu and they leave. They see Bebe

a bit while leaving.

Simran and Gunjan praise Mannu for making Amba light diya. Mannu thinks of Bebe. Mannu tells Amba that he heard Bebe calling her, and Jagan stopped him from seeing Bebe, I m feeling something is wrong, I will go and see. Amba says I m worried, is Bebe in big problem, if Jagan sees you, he will get angry. Mannu says don’t worry, I can go there as I work there. Mannu runs. Amba says how will I live without my Mannu, I can’t get peace.

Mannu goes to see Bebe. He thinks of Bebe and sees her. He says Bebe…….Jagan comes there and asks what are you doing here. Mannu gets shocked and lies that he came to tell about file, as Jagan did not ask him, so he thought to come and say. Jagan says you thought you will meet Bebe when I m not allowing you to meet her, thats why I did not trust you and Amba, you will lose job now. He asks you think I can’t take care of Bebe, see her well, its because of Amba. Mannu cries and holds Bebe’s hand. Jagan asks him to come now, and I will think to give you job or not. He drags Mannu. Mannu cries.

Its morning, Jagan comes to meet Amba. Jagan asks Amba to sign on the pass. Amba says the papers have this village’s destruction, i told you I will not sign, why did you come again. He says I came here for your children, see their state, they are so hungry. Mannu says Amba will sign. Amba says I will not sign. Mannu asks what about us, did you think what we want, we want to have food. Simran asks what are you saying.

Mannu says yes, I want food, Simran and Gunjan fight because of hunger. Amba asks Mannu what are you saying. Mannu says Jagan is right, he trusts me, he made me work and gave money, so we could sleep by having food, is these papers imp than kids, you have to sign now. Mannu convinces Amba to sign on papers. Amba says fine and signs on papers. Mannu gives the file to Jagan and apologizes for yesterday night.

He asks Jagan to trust him. Jagan says fine, I will trust you. He smiles and says I will tell Sushila, she will send ration for you all. He goes. Amba asks Mannu what did you do, tell me. Mannu says don’t ask, its Harjeet’s file on which you signed, tender will not be given to Jagan. Simran says great. Amba hugs him. Mannu says I will get ready and go, I have to see Jagan’s lost face, they said Bebe is in this state because of us, I will show them now. He makes Amba smile.

The man asks Harjeet and Jagan to come. He shows the file. Mannu thinks tender will not be given and my Papa’s dream will be fulfilled. The man announces who won the tender.

Update Credit to: Amena

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