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The Episode starts with Mannu whistling. He sits to get ready. Raj looks on. Ankhiyon me teri….plays…. She slips and holds him. They have an eyelock. Amba goes to meet temple. Jagan follows. Someone greets Jagan. Jagan hides. Amba hears this and runs. Jagan says where did she go suddenly. Amba goes to meet some old lady. She asks why did you call me. The lady says I can’t work now, I can’t keep this secret, Jagan became Shah now, I can’t take risk, so I came to give your secret back to you. Amba gets shocked seeing Simran. Raj says I told you this won’t happen. He ties up Mannu. Mannu asks what are you doing, leave my hand. Raj ties her feet as well.

He says I told you, I will not let you sit in puja any way, I will clear your misunderstanding, today you will know how weak you

are. He smiles and says if you don’t reach puja, understand that Lord also wants this, that you don’t stay in this house, you can’t open this knot, the more you try, the more you will get caught. He goes.

Simran acts kiddish. Amba covers her up. She asks the lady did she get mad to get Simran here. Lady says this fear is killing me, how can I risk my life, I have hidden this secret for 10 years, I managed your mad girl, what’s more than life. Amba says don’t know what game fate is playing with me, Bajwas were after her life before, Lord saved her, she got in this state by doctor’s carelessness.

Jagan asks a man did he see Amba. The man says no. Amba says I kept her away for 10 years to protect her, I trusted you and gave her responsibility, why are you getting back. Jagan sees the godown. Amba asks the lady not to do this, take Simran back, else they will kill her. The lady says no, I can’t take this responsibility, forgive me. Amba hugs Simran and cries. Jagan enters the godown.

Amrit gets Gangajal and asks pandit about arrangements. Raj thinks if mummy goes to room, she will free Preet. He asks pandit to make his parents take Sankalp. Pandit says its great idea. Raj asks Harjeet to come, else his plan won’t be completed. Harjeet stops Amrit and asks her to come. Raj thinks now it will be fine now. Harjeet and Amrit sit for Sankalp. Mohini comes and gets shocked.

Jagan holds Amba. Amba gets tensed. He asks how did you come here. She says I got informed about grains’ theft, so I came to see. He says I m Shah now, you should have told me. She says I kept servants here, I thought its my responsibility. He asks how much will you lie, you called some woman to meet here. She says yes, I called a woman to know if her son has done theft, I gave her money to help. He asks is this truth. She says yes, what else can it be. He asks why did you not tell this before. She says you would have not left that guy. Simran hides. Amba engages him in talk. She goes. Jagan also leaves. Simran and lady look on.

Sakshi comes for puja. Amrit says why did Preet not come down till now. Mohini says I think you did good arrangement this time. Raj says I failed Preet many times, even now she will fail, she won’t come in puja. Mannu struggles to get free. Pandit asks Raj and his wife to sit. Mohini asks Sakshi to sit with Raj. Amrit says no, she is not Raj’s wife, just Preet will sit in puja.

Pammi says Preet is nowhere. Sakshi says I have to sit in puja now, its for Raj’s long life. Mannu struggles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Boring ….
    Same revenge stuff every day
    Was happy only for her sister to see her alive

  2. What? Simran is alive. My God!

    1. Woow simmi …

    2. Woow simmi didn’t die ?
      Maybe Raman didn’t die also ? What became of him ?????
      No funerals where shown …. if they didn’t bury simmi than the rest of the family know she is alive ? Hmmmmm

      Mohini must not get away !!!!

  3. I don’t know what they want to show ….at ones they created that mannu is very powerful like other men and every one is very scared from shah ji but now after her truth revealed, she lost her all capacity and power that ordinary people who are under his control at once able to humiliate her ….please change the track and show something like that which that girls are equal to boys.

  4. Yes agree from you shambhavi
    Why they always showing woman are helpless. From day one since she is preet they are just showing her in pain.
    No one revealing mohini s truth.
    And raj i just do not like his evil face. He is untolrable now ……
    And his father has become like statue, because of his son -:)
    Funny track now
    Dnt knw what they will show with simran ?????

  5. Now Simran is alive.Ab pawaniyon keliye story to aa gayi.Jagan shah ji Amba aur Simran ko torture karenge.Bajwa nivasiyon Preet ko torture karenge.Lekin aaj Raj ke saath Preet hi baithege kuldevi ki Pooja mein.

  6. tania-the fairy

    what! simran alive.noW cvs what will u do with her.plz spare her.dont think to pair her with rohan.

  7. Preet had said to panchayat if her mother is ever il treated, she will return and not bother about panchayats orders. Jagan better be careful.

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