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The Episode starts with Jagan asking Mannu did you get mad, I m involved in this. Amba asks Mannu to be quiet. Mannu says no, I know I m right, I met Nihaal Pawa and he told me that Jagan is involved, I m not lying, else how would I know the clerk’s name. Amba says I m not taking Mannu’s side, but Bebe knows Mannu does not lie, we had challenge before also. Jagan says I can’t believe Amba has fallen so low and made Mannu lie. Bebe tells Mannu that you wasted my time today, I will not say anything till 10 days and then I won’t hear anything. Amba asks Mannu to come. Jagan tells Mannu that I have been head master of the school in which you study. Mannu smiles and says but till now, my Chacha ji does not know to spell school, 10 days did not end, it just started, I will prove my mummy innocent,

you just count the days. Jagan gets shocked. Mannu takes Amba and goes.

Amba says I don’t want my innocence proof, if Bebe thinks I m wrong, then I m wrong, I lost, I may have done mistake that I lost Bebe’s trust. Mannu says no, we will get proof. She says no, we did not get proof, you went at clerk’s house, Jagan can do anything, its enough. She packs her bags. He asks why are you doing this. She says I should have done this before, you go and get Simran and Gunjan. He asks do you want Papa ji’s dream to be left incomplete. She says I want it to get completed, but I can’t manage it now, I m doing this since 7 years, Bheeru, Simran and you know this truth, my children are necessary, pack your bag. He refuses. She says we can prove innocence when anyone trusts us, you think they will trust me, my three children will die, no, promise me you will come along.

Raavi says such little kid and such smartness to reach clerk’s house. Jagan says I reached on right time, I thought Mannu won’t get anything, now we have to be careful, I will do such thing that Amba and Mannu will run away, I won’t let my hardwork get waste. Amba looks for old address and says we can meet Bheeru at Dharamshala. She says we have our travel fare, we need atleast 2000rs, I have just 750rs. Mannu says listen to me, we have to stay here. She says no need, Mannu pack your bag. He says you trust me, I will show Jagan.

Raavi asks Amba to serve food for Jagan. Mannu takes food from Amba and adds chilli in the food. Amba asks what are you doing. Mannu says I m adding chilli in Jagan’s food. She says I never did this, I won’t let you go. Mannu says you wanted to leave house, what is the difference if I added chilli. He thinks Jagan may stop us to punish and I will prove mummy innocence. He adds full chilli in the curry and gives plate to Amba. He says wait, and adds more. She gets worried. He asks her to go now. She takes the food for Jagan. Jagan asks will I get food today, get it fast.

Jagan eats food and coughs. He asks for water. Amba says Mannu give water fast. Mannu adds salt in the water and gives the jug to Jagan. Jagan drinks water and spits. He goes. Mannu laughs. Sukhi starts laughing and asks Jagan what happened, why are you jumping like monkey. Jagan asks are you not ashamed to laugh on father and throws shoe at him. Sukhi goes. Jagan takes water from well and drinks by the bucket. Amba asks Mannu to be quiet. Jagan looks at Mannu and throws the bucket.

He asks Amba do you want to kill me, so you added chilli in my food. Mannu asks why are you getting angry, sometimes food has extra chilli. Jagan asks really, like water has salt. Mannu says I thought its butter milk and added salt, I did mistake. Jagan says you are fooling me, I m your Chacha, you don’t know what I can do. Amba says I did this, talk to me, we are going away from your way now, I m leaving from this house along with my children.

Jagan asks when did you get so smart. He scolds Mannu and says your fate is good that your mum got sense, you all get lost, I don’t want to see your face tomorrow morning. Amba takes Mannu with her. Mannu thinks any miracle happens that changes Amma’s decision. A man comes and greets them. Jagan asks why did you come at this time. The man says the dam file came back, they asked for Amba’s sign.

Jagan asks Amba to sign before going. She checks file and asks whats this Jagan, this will stop water for 40 fields, how can you do this, farmers will suffer. He says so what, you are leaving. She says yes, but I can’t sign to trouble them, you can do anything after I leave. He says fine, I don’t need you, I m going to become Shah and will manage everything. The man tells Jagan that he deposited papers of sign authority transfer from Amba’s name to him, it will take 10 days. Jagan says I don’t know, to laugh or cry on Amba’s fate, till the papers come, I promise to make your life hell, if you want your children’s welfare, sign and leave, I promise I won’t do anything, tell me will you sign or not. Mannu thinks Amba will not make farmers suffer. Jagan thinks Amba will sign for her children’s sake.

Amba takes pen to sign. She thinks and breaks the pen. Jagan gets shocked. She asks Jagan to do anything he wants, I swear on my children, I will not sign on these papers. Jagan gets the file back and fumes.

Amba asks Mannu not to do this, what was the need, my heart is sinking. Mannu says I wanted us to stay here, this is our house, why should we leave, we won’t go till the blame on you gets cleared, I will prove you right. She asks do you think 10 days are easy, Jagan will have eye on you. Mannu says I know, I can’t break my promise. Waaris……plays………….

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