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The Episode starts with Harjeet telling Raj his decision to make him Shah. Raj says sorry, I don’t want to become Shah. Harjeet asks why, I m waiting for this day since long, you have worked hard. Raj says I did not work hard to become Shah, I did this to come back in this house and get my rights, to make Amrit get her rights, you have Shah in front of you since long. Nihaal smiles. Harjeet asks about whom are you talking. Raj says Rohan. Mohini and Nihaal get shocked. Mohini stops him. Raj says Rohan is elder, its his right to become Shah.

Harjeet shouts Rohan. Rohan comes drunk. Harjeet asks are you talking about him he is not able to stand on feet, will he become Bajwas Shah. Rohan says I don’t want to become Shah. He goes. Harjeet asks did you see, you want me to give Bajwas’ respect in this

drunkard’s hands. Raj stops Rohan. Rohan says I don’t want to become Shah, go. Raj asks why are you saying this, you are elder son, its your right. Rohan says dad does not care, you become Shah.

Raj says when you are here, its not my right. Rohan refuses. He asks Raj is he not angry, you and mum had to leave house because of me, I told dad about Raman’s marriage, see what happened, its all because of me, even then you want me to become Shah. Raj says its old thing, I know you would have not told dad if you knew what will happen, you are my life, leave wine, I beg you, see how dad accepts you and makes you Shah. Mannu looks on. Rohan drinks. He says no, I get peace by drinking wine, if I come to senses, I can’t stay in this house. He goes. Raj calls him out and goes. Mannu says I m glad knowing Raj still has humanity, he just needs to realize.

Mohini says Raj, I got your fav parathas made. Amrit says Kuldevi puja happens after marriage, I want to keep it. Harjeet says no marriage happened in this house. She says marriage happened, puja has to happen, else it can be abshagun for everyone. Mohini says we will keep puja, it will be shuddikaran of house. Mannu comes and asks when is the puja. Raj says its our house matter, its better if you don’t interfere. Mannu says I have to come in puja, pandit ji said either of us can’t sit alone, this puja won’t have value if we both don’t sit. Raj asks Amrit to keep puja, rituals will happen with real bride, Sakshi will sit with me in puja. Mohini smiles. Mannu says just I will sit in puja with me.

Amba calls someone and asks lady to be alert. The lady says I have to talk to you, meet me at godown. Jagan hears the conversation on another line. Amrit gives jewelry to Mannu. Mannu gets ready. Raj comes and knocks. Amrit helps him. He asks Amrit won’t he tie the pagdi to him. She asks him to tell this to his Mohini Maa as he is following her nowadays. Raj goes. Amrit gets sad.

Mannu asks whose clothes are these, its Raj’s school clothes right. Amrit says yes. Mannu says you love Raj a lot, your son is getting away from you because of me. Amrit says no, he got away because of his doings, its not your mistake. Sakshi comes and shows her dress. Amrit says its beautiful. Sakshi asks her to make her ready for puja, I will become part of puja with Raj. Amrit sees Mannu. Sakshi says I will wait for you, can I apply sindoor today, I will sit in Raj’s wife’s place for the first time. Amrit says you can’t do this, its just Preet’s right. Sakshi says but you made me wear bahu’s bangles. Amrit says yes, but Preet is my bahu, you can keep bangles. Mannu sees Sakshi. Sakshi goes.

Raj gets sad. Mohini comes to him. She asks did Amrit not tie the pagdi, I m like your mum, I will toe it. She goes to tie the pagdi. He stops her. He says there is difference between real mum and someone like mum. He talks rude. She goes. Mannu comes and looks on.

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  1. I dnt understand why they are not showing that mohini killed his brother
    They are dragging this serial too much only concerned about fight between raj n preet

    This is horrible serial now ……

    I used to like this one so much because each serial was kind of inspiration but this going now in direction only jealous revenge revenge n only revenge for no reason …..

  2. tania-the fairy

    me too.The show is going some other track thanain track.why?

  3. tania-the fairy

    than main track.*

  4. Pahle Preet ko ghar mein rehne toh do.Jab se aayi hu use ghar se nikle ne ki koshish kar rahi hai.uske bad jo prove karna hai oh karenge.

  5. this is getting boring
    firstly raj is doing what his dad did to his mother
    then the piint of her being waaris has gone out the window n show
    they should have had the village make her waaris first girl n show what shd goes through
    then they have a wife n mistress
    plus no one even asked or discussed about who killed his brother
    jagaan should grown into a good loyal clever man n help amba id like to see a strong powerful good side to him and working with amba not against
    do u can say he deserves to be shah
    showing tha family is familt and strong years have passed he is a man not a boy now
    otherwise this show will flop
    i say jagan teams with mannu n amba n
    manni n jagan have s father daughter close rship tomboy kinda
    she still has traits of a boy being hidden so long
    and raj can grow some stuff

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