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The Episode starts with Amba asking Mannu why did he keep Jagan and Sushila here, I did same mistake when Bebe stopped me, I m bearing result today, why are you doing this mistake. Mannu says I know, if we made them leave, then how will Bebe’s murderer be caught, I have doubt that Sushila has killed Bebe. I have to find out, I understood Sushila got Yuvraaj, we can’t prove this, as I have to keep an eye on them, this can happen when they are at home. He asks what happened. She says you have grown up and made me proud, Bebe would be much happy. Mannu hugs her.

Its morning, Swaroop packs Raman’s bag and asks him to stay happy, its good to go to city and come back as big man. Raman is sad and thinks to inform Simran. He calls his friend. Simran waits for Raman. She hides seeing Harjeet. She sees

Harjeet taking Raman in the jeep. Raman drops a letter for Simran. Simran picks the letter. Raman sees her and gets upset. He goes far from her sight. She reads his letter. He writes wait for me, I will come. She recalls Raman and cries. Ranjha mera ranjha……plays……..

Simran comes home. Everyone get surprised seeing Bheeru coming home. Mannu and Simran hug him. Bheeru says when I got to know about Bebe, I came running, how did this happen. She tells him about Yuvraaj and how Bebe died. She cries. He says so much happened, you did not tell me. Mannu worries for Bheeru’s exams. Simran says Mannu became Shah and did big things. Bheeru says I know that sports teacher Sandeep, he said he has recording of some crime, he asked me to give it to police if anything happens to him, I will meet him.

Yuvraaj calls Sushila and asks her for some money. She taunts him for ditching them and refuses to give money. Yuvraaj threatens her about revealing Bebe’s murder truth. She gets shocked. Bheeru asks Mannu to wait for his return, till he finds proof. Harjeet asks Rohan to have food. Swaroop scolds him and asks him to see Amrit, she is crying for Raman. Harjeet scolds Swaroop and tells Amrit that I have many enemies, and Pavaniyas are biggest enemies, if family supports them, family is also my enemy then. He goes. Swaroop consoles Amrit and says Raman will become big man and come back. Rohan gets angry.

Mannu sees Sushila and follows her. Sushila goes to meet Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj asks her to keep bag and leave. She looks for him. She keeps bag and goes. Yuvraaj takes the bag and asks where is money. Sushila comes to him and laughs, asking how will you get money, did your father leave money with me for you. He says I want my money. She says your parents are not known, you are a dog. He gets angry. She reminds that she is everyone’s Nani.

She scares him keeping knife at neck and asks him to go to police, and so you killed Bebe. Yuvraaj says leave me, I will not do this mistake again. She threatens to kill him. Mannu sees them and thinks they both have killed my Bebe. Mannu comes home and asks Amba to come with him fast. He takes her to room and says truth came out, my doubt was right, Sushila has killed Bebe. Amba asks what are you saying, how can you be sure. He says I have heard her saying this to Yuvraaj. She says its big blame, how can anyone kill Bebe. Mannu says Sushila was threatening Yuvraaj also. Amba sits crying in shock. She says it means Jagan is also with them. Mannu says no, Jagan does not know anything about this, we should tell Jagan. She says no, Sushila is his mum in law, don’t know will he believe us or not, we will tell sarpanch, come. He says no, Sushila is very clever, we have to be careful, she will make any new drama or story. She asks how to find out complete truth. He says we will get proof, truth will come out.

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