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The Episode starts with Bansal greets Sukhi as Shri Ram and folding hands. Mannu laughs. Sukhi gets puzzled. Chandar also greets. Sukhi asks Mannu what to do. Harjeet and his men see the big generator. Harjeet asks his men to cut these wires. He sees the party going on and gets angry. Harjeet removes the power line. Mannu says great, this is great chance, lets attack. They all attack on Chandar and his friends. Gunjan thinks I will not leave this Mausi ji. Bansal says forgive me Prabhu and is drunk. Raman sees Harjeet and says Papa ji…. He thinks Swaroop Bua helped me. Harjeet asks am I vanar’s Papa ji. Raman runs. He asks Bansal who is he. Bansal says I m Pavaniya’s Samdhi. Harjeet says I will not leave you. Mannu thinks who are these men beating Chandar.

Jagan is drunk and tells Bebe about

Bansal’s deal. Bebe says I said this as family is good, I don’t care for deal. Bansal and Chandar come there with their mean. Bansal says goons have beaten us and you are enjoying here, such an insult, no one did this before, we won’t do this marriage, keep Simran with you, we are breaking this relation.

Simran and Amba look on. Jagan asks Bansal to listen. Bansal says you have sent goons to beat us, there is no protection, we don’t know what happened, why is goons beating us, Hanuman ji appeared there. Mannu, Gunjan and Sukhi come home. Mannu signs Simran. Bansal says I greeted Hanuman and then goons have beaten us, someone has put crackers on Chandar’s Mausi’s saree, if anything happened then what would happen, she got scared. Amba asks who did this. Sukhi gets worried. Jagan asks what are you doing here, did you not sleep. He tells Bansal that people have problem with our relation.

Bansal sees Sukhi and asks is this your son. Jagan says he is my son Sukhi. Bansal sees him as Hanuman and says even Hanuman ji was like him. Mannu and Gunjan get tensed. Jagan asks Sukhi to go and sleep. He says Sukhi is a donkey. Bansal says this marriage can’t happen. Bebe says I will apologize to Bansal. Chandar says what shall I say, we got insulted, we will stay if you say, what will happen now. Jagan says Bajwas are jealous and did this, but when this marriage happens, I will keep Bajwas at your feet. Chandar sees Simran.

Chandar says if anything happens there again… Bebe says then stay here, this is your house too. Chandar asks Bansal to stay here. Bansal says no and falls down. Jagan says I will give a room to Bansal and others can sleep outside. Raavi asks Simran to go and give this medicine to Chandar, he will get relieved. Simran asks how shall I go. Raavi asks why, can’t you walk, will he hold you close, what will happen. She threatens Simran. Simran says I will go, don’t do anything. She goes to Chandar to give the haldi lep. Chandar says you came to my room alone one night before marriage. Simran says Raavi gave this lep for you. He holds her hand and stops her. He asks Simran is she ready, apply this lep to me, don’t get shy. He removes his shirt. Simran gets shocked.

Chandar says apply the lep, I will not see you. He turns and lies down. Mannu comes and adds chilli in the lep. Chandar asks her to apply it. Mannu asks Simran to wait and applies lep. Chandar asks what are you doing. Simran says I did not make this, Raavi made this, I did not wish you to come in marriage in this state. Mannu hides. Chandar says fine, apply it. Mannu and Simran add more chilli and smile. Simran applies the lep. Chandar asks what did you add in this, its burning. Mannu sees Kamli Chakle Wali’s call coming on Chandar’s phone. Chandar disconnects the call. Chandar says I don’t want this lep, go from here. Simran and Mannu leave. Simran asks Mannu why are you running, tell me. They go to Amba.

Mannu asks Amba whats Chakla. Amba asks what are you saying. Mannu says Kamli Chakle Wali’s call was coming on Chandar’s phone, the girl’s pics was also flashing, its same girl I have seen with Chandar, we can expose Chandar infront of Bebe. Simran hugs Mannu. Amba says its bad place, you don’t ask this. She says I m going to find that girl. Simran says its not good you go alone. Amba says no, you can’t come. Mannu says I will go with mummy. Amba says girls can’t come there. Mannu says that’s why I m saying, I will come, a man is necessary to come with you. Waaris………..plays……….

Amba and Mannu reach the Kotha/Chakla. They meet a woman Babli. Babli asks Amba why did she come here, she is from a good family. She asks Amba what does she want, you got this little kid with you. Amba says its about my daughter’s life, a mother is not scared to go to hell, this is just Chakla, I want to make Kamli meet my mother in law, my son has seen Chandar meeting Kamli, I want to save my daughter, Chandar beats Kamli. Babli says call Kamli. She tells Amba that you came for family and all girls here are like my family, I don’t force anyone.

Simran tells Gunjan that Mannu has seen everything, mummy has gone there, everything will be fine. Gunjan says we will beat Chandar’s family. Simran prays. Kamli comes there. Mannu says its same girl. Amba says Kamli you have to come with me. Babli says Kamli won’t go anywhere. She asks Kamli will she go and expose Chandar. Kamli says no, I get money from Chandar. Amba cries and asks her to save her daughter’s life, if you don’t tell Chandar’s truth, he will marry my daughter, she will die. Babli says Kamli refused.

Amba requests them. Babli says I told you, I don’t force anyone. Mannu shouts stop and aims Gulel at Babli. He says I have to take Kamli for my sister, no one will stop, else they will get hurt. Amba asks Mannu what are you doing. Babli smiles. A man hits Mannu and says Babli refused, leave now. Mannu asks what will happen now. Amba says don’t know, come. Mannu recalls his promise. Simran prays at home. Amba and Mannu come home upset. Simran sees them and understands they failed. Jag se hara na mai………….plays……………. Mannu looks at Amba and recalls everything what happened. Amba hugs her children and cries.

Babli dances with Chandar. Mannu says I can free Kamli and get her. Babli asks him to go. Mannu thinks I will find Kamli and save Simran’s life.

Update Credit to: Amena

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