Waaris 2nd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Amba opposes Bajwas

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The Episode starts with police coming and arresting Chandar. Raj says good had won over evil, I want to tell in front of everyone that I love…. Mannu faints. Amba asks Mannu to get up. Raj cries. They take her to hospital. Amba stops Raj, and says no Bajwas should be seen here. Raj sees Mannu’s operation going on. Raj says she is my wife. Amba says she was your wife, marriage broke, divorce happened, now she is my daughter. Simran looks on. Amba scolds Raj.

Raj says you can’t do this. Amba says I can do anything, Mannu is in this state because of you. Raj says we were finding Amrit, she is also admitted here, we are fighting against one enemy, why don’t you want to end this enmity. Mannu’s operation gets completed. Raj goes to her and asks is she fine. Doctor says it will be good if

she gets conscious soon.

Raj begs to Amba to let him go to Mannu. Amba asks him to die, but not go to Mannu. She goes. Rohan comes to Raj. Raj says I have to go to Mannu, I couldn’t tell her how much I love her, I have to tell her. Rohan says I understand, this time is to keep patience, I will talk to Simran, stay here. Raj worries. He takes doctor’s disguise and talks to Mannu to wake her up. He asks Mannu to beat him and fight, but talk, keep friendship and give a chance to love, I will die without you, I love you a lot.

Rohan goes to Simran and asks her to help Raj, he wants to meet Mannu. Simran shouts on him. She scolds him. Rohan says our marriage…. She gets angry and says you took advantage of my state, I will prefer to die before marrying you, my husband was Raman, you all killed him. Rohan gets shocked. Amba comes there and asks her men to throw Rohan out. The men take Rohan. Amba thinks where is Raj. Raj asks Mannu to get up once. Amba comes there and slaps Raj. She asks men to throw Raj out. Raj calls out Mannu. Mannu gets conscious. Raj and Rohan fight with the men. Simran asks the men to beat them more.

Raj asks Amba what type of women is she, we promise we will take your daughters home. Amba asks the men to break their bones. Mannu comes there. Raj gets glad. Amba asks her to come in. Mannu says I want to talk to Raj. Simran holds her and asks her to talk to Raj if she wants, but she doesn’t accept her marriage. She makes Mannu sit. Raj tells her that he is very happy. Mannu says I also had anger that you kept enmity by love. Raj asks did you hear me. He gets a rose and confesses love to her. Mannu taunts him. Raj promises to always love her. Mannu says you made promises when you married me, but did you support me for a moment. Raj looks at her.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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    1. Finally for some days chandar chapter is over. ,☺️☺️

    2. Friday ko koi khoon nhi nikala tha jab preet ko stab kiya tha but monday aate aate itna khoon nikal aaya ki raj ke kapde tak karab ho gye ?????

    3. I knew simi will never agree about her marriage with rohan..

    4. I knew preet has so much pain that she will not easily accept raj proposal. Now for sometime raj-preet story will be shown.. and may be simi-rohan too.. ??????

    5. But i wonder simi was atleast 18 yr when she married raman and rohan was about 13-14 yrs and show took 10-11yrs leap- so raj-preet grew old of 21 yrs and rohan about 25-26 yrs but how come simi look same like 18 yrs as she should look like 30 yrs old….??????? (Just for fun)….

    1. Yeah, what about Mohini’s children? If they are Harjet’s children, they should be around 10 years old, they shouldn’t be as old as preet or Raj. Are they Harjet’s kids? Or did Mohini bring them from her old lover and tried to made her son the waaris of Harjet Bajwa istead of
      Rohan? I don’t get that.

      1. Harjeet n mohini don’t hv kids together.. they’re from her old lover

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