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The Episode starts with Raavi talking to Jagan. Jagan asks her to go. He sees Bheeru with a bag and thinks just now he had baby in hand. He recalls Veer’s words. Bheeru leaves. Jagan says where did he go. He says something is fishy, when did he get bag. He follows Bheeru. Bebe asks Amba what are you doing in godown, along with your baby. Amba gets tensed. Jagan is stopped by pandit. Pandit says Bebe asked me to meet you. Jagan sees Bheeru going in temple. Pandit asks for donation. Jagan says you won’t get any donation. He runs to find Bheeru. He catches Bheeru and keeps a knife at his neck. He asks whats in the bag. Bheeru says nothing. Jagan asks him to show, else I will forget where I m standing, I will kill you. Jagan throws the bag and sees some food.

Jagan gets shocked seeing the food. Bheeru

turns and sees the lady with the baby. He thanks her and is relieved. She leaves from there. Bebe asks Amba whats the matter. Amba says Mannu is farmer’s son, now Chatti is over, I got him to show grains, he has to become like his father, so I got him here. Bebe says yes, you are right. She asks Amba to come. She says I will change his clothes. Amba gets worried. Jagan asks Bheeru to say truth, where did the baby go. Bheeru asks what will I do with the baby. Jagan says I have seen you with baby. Bheeru says I got food made by halwais, I wanted to give food to poor. Jagan asks him not to lie, whom did you give baby. Bheeru says I m saying truth, I don’t know anything, its aarti time, will you come along or shall I go. Jagan asks him to go. Jagan thinks where did baby go.

Amba says I will change his clothes, you see guests. Bebe says its fine, give me baby. Someone calls Bebe. Bebe goes. Amba gets relieved. Lala ji comes there in Chatti function. Bebe asks him did he come to kill her heir now. He says enough, till when will we live with this poison, I know mistakes happened, but we both did mistake, even Bajwas lost much, till when will we shed blood, what will we get by this revenge, your elder son also wanted peace, its his son’s Chatti, I got gifts for him, I request you to forget this. He asks how, my blood is boiling, my son’s ashes did not cool down, its better if Bajwas die here. She asks Raavi where is Jagan. Lala ji says Deena ji, enough, don’t fill enmity in coming generations.

Lala ji says just we two are left from older generation, we should make a fresh start. He gives shagun to Amba and says Lord knows I always had wish to have a son like Charan, we will make a decision today. Amba says Charan wanted peace, but your people burnt our harvest on Baisakhi day, and today Charan is not with me, can you get the culprits arrested, you could not save my husband, if you can’t do this, then hope for peace is useful, situation is bad, don’t have hope to make it fine, you want peace right, then I have hope from you to get your side’s culprits learn right lesson, then you can ask us to end enmity with right. Lala ji blesses her and goes. Bebe scolds Amba for talking to Lala ji.

Bebe goes out and stops Lala ji. She throws the gifts and shagun. She says my Mannu will become new Shah of Pavaniya, I promise he will take revenge of his father and Dad’s death from Bajwa, that day I will take a peaceful breath. Lala ji looks on and goes.

Later, Bebe asks the men to make a cradle for Mannu. Amba sees the baby crying. Bheeru takes care of baby. Bebe asks Raavi to make tea. Bheeru tells Bebe that I will just come. Bheeru sees Jagan on terrace and goes. Bebe asks Amba to feed Mannu and calm him down. Bebe recalls Charan and gets sad. She says it can’t be more painful for a mother, that her son dies. She asks pandit when will temple work get complete. Pandit says it will be completed in some time. Bebe says it would be good if it completed by tomorrow, Mannu’s Shah naming ceremony is tomorrow.

Pandit tells her about donation, Jagan did not know it, he did not tell me. Bebe says I promised to give 1,21000. She asks pandit to take money tomorrow. She says Charan was Shah of Panaviya, there should be nothing else. She asks Amba to feed baby and shouts. Amba is not able to feed Bheeru and thinks this did not happen at Simran and Gunjan’s time. She asks Bheeru to go, and Bebe should not see him. Bheeru silently comes home with milk. Raavi sees him. He gets tensed.

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