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The Episode starts with Jagan asking Mannu from where are you coming, you missed school, I know. Mannu looks at Sukhi. Jagan says if you can’t study, help me in work, give that tyre to me. Mannu thinks if I can’t lift tyre, Jagan will doubt that I m girl. Amba was stepping out of house and stops by recalling Bebe’s words. Jagan asks Mannu does he have no power, come on give tyre, its not your mistake, your mum has given birth to two girls and you are born weak, you don’t have brother, Amba knows to raise just girls, I will make you a man, come on, get tyre. Sukhi signs Mannu. Amba thinks Mannu can get angry and do mistake. Mannu says so Chacha ji you want to see what can a Shah do, we will see who makes this tyre reach that wall, me or Sukhi. Jagan says fine, you want to compete, come on Sukhi,

get up tiger, get that tyre. Sukhi says I went to school also, why should I do this. Jagan says just do what I said, don’t talk nonsense. Amba looks on. Jagan counts down and says come on Sukhi.

Sukhi fails to get tyre and falls down. Mannu smiles. He goes to lift tyre. Mannu lifts tyre and takes it to the wall by rotating it. Mannu says a Shah’s biggest strength is his mind, and my mummy has always taught me to use my mind, when I become Shah, I will teach Sukhi also. Waaris…..plays……….. Amba smiles with tearful eyes. Mannu asks Sukhi did you get hurt, take rest.

Amba takes Mannu inside the room. She asks why did you lift big tyre, you would be hurt, He says I m fine, I know my truth, I will try to win everything by my mind. She kisses him. He says I found out who is helping Jagan in hospital, I will make him admit everything. She says no, I will come along. He says trust me, I will manage, if you go out, Bebe can doubt, we can’t break rules. She hugs him.

Jagan scolds Sukhi and makes him exercise. Raavi comes and asks what are you doing, beating Sukhi, what did he do. Jagan gets angry and says he lost to Mannu. Raavi scolds Sukhi and sends him to eat samosas. She tells Jagan that she is not taking Sukhi’s side, we should focus on Mannu’s win, not Sukhi’s failure, he is getting smart day by day, how. He says yes, we have to keep an eye on him, I have to cut his feathers before he learns to fly.

Its morning, Bebe asks Mannu where is he going. Mannu says I have some work and goes. Bebe asks Amba and says you were like shadow, and did not let him go alone, now you don’t worry for him. Amba says he has got smart, his responsibility was on me, now he took my responsibility. Bebe says I don’t want this nonsense, you have 10 days, if your innocence is not proved, I will make you out of this pind. Amba cries.

Mannu meets Raj and says this is Nehal’s house. They try to look inside the window. They enter the house. They tie the rope and hang Nehal. They laugh seeing him. He asks who is it, save me. Mannu talks to him from far. He asks did you get Amba and Harjeet’s pics clicked. Nehal says no, I don’t know them. They scare him of ghosts. Mannu says you have to say what I ask, and accept this infront of Bebe, you know what will happen if you do wrong. Nehal agrees. Mannu and Raj laugh and leave.

Mannu comes home and asks Bebe to come fast. Bebe asks what is it, I will call Jagan. Mannu says no, just you, mummy and me, trust me, you will know truth, come. Jagan looks on and says where did Mannu take them. Mannu shows Nehal’s house. Bebe asks whats happening. Mannu says you wanted answers, he stays here, Nehal Pawa, hospital clerk, stay here, I will get him. Bebe asks Amba what do you think, your son will prove all of us wrong. Amba says what Mannu can do and what he can’t, its not imp, its imp what your heart wants, do you want prove for my truth. Bebe says its about proof, I trusted you, you lied and broke my trust, what I have seen by my eyes is true for me, I can’t wait, come we will see what Mannu wants to show.

Mannu tells Bebe that I have met Nehal in morning, and this uncle is saying he went yesterday. The man lies to Bebe that Nehal left yesterday. Mannu says don’t lie, Bebe asks whats this, your mum made all of us mad, come home. Mannu tells Amba that jagan would have done this. Jagan drinks and the man signs him that Bebe has gone. Jagan sees Nehal and his wife tied up.

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