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The Episode starts with Amba saying Mannu lied to me. Bebe says he lied, he is getting family qualities, Charan used to hide things and get hiccups, Jagan used to lie and make stories. Amba says Mannu does not lie to me. Bebe asks whats this proof then. Amba says maybe he said lie, now he won’t eat food, he can’t hide this lie, he will come and tell truth to me, you see, as its my upbringing, I know my son well. Bebe says you are proud of your upbringing, that’s why you threatened to jump in well along with baby, you kept me away from him and raised him alone, Mannu lost in school race, you don’t get bothered, we will take a test of your upbringing today, we will see whether Mannu says lie or truth, he will not say truth, do you trust your upbringing. She says a lot, my Mannu never lies, I trust my


Bebe says if you lose, I will raise Mannu in my way. Later at night, Bebe talks to Mannu and says you got smart, I thought to make your fav food. Amba gets food. Mannu likes the food. Bebe asks him to sit and have food. He recalls Amba’s words. Amba thinks of her challenge and Bebe’s words. Bebe asks Mannu to have food by her hands. Mannu eats the food. Amba closes eyes. Mannu eats food and vomits. He gets hiccups. Bebe says I will get water. Mannu runs. Amba looks on. Bebe says maybe he went to drink water. Mannu comes back with the exam sheet, and gives to Amba. Bebe gets shocked. Amba gets glad.

Mannu says this is my exam sheet, forgive me mummy, I lied to you and did not show paper to you, I got very less marks, I did not do good work, I should not get good food, I should get punished. Amba cries. Mannu forwards his hand to get beating. Amba holds his hand and says who said you get punishment when you score less, its not necessary, it means we have to work hard. Mannu hugs Amba. Bebe smiles recalling Amba’s words.

Its morning, Raman and his friends have a laugh. some girls see Simran and go to trouble her. They break Simran’s slipper and laugh. Raman and his friends see some boys teasing Simran. They go to help Simran. His friends stop those boys and scold them asking them not to trouble Simran again. Simran looks on. Raman sees Simran’s slipper torn and says it broke. She asks what does he want to show by helping like all, all are misbehaving ones. He says I m helping, think its favor, repay favor when time comes. He repairs her slipper and makes her wear it. tere sang yaara………….plays……… Their bags fall and they sit to pick books.

Jagan tells Bebe that he chose a nice guy and family. Bebe says I will not show Simran to any random guy, did you check well. Jagan says yes, Charan is not here, but I m here, its first marriage in our house. She says I will match guy and Simran’s kundlis, if it matches, then I don’t have any objection. He says sure. She goes. He says I will separate Amba and Simran, then Amba’s courage will break, I will get power and get higher than Bajwas. He smiles.

Amba sees Jagan’s phone ringing. She is about to take and Jagan answers call. Jagan talks to that guy. The guy is with a girl and asks Jagan when should we meet. The girl asks him for money. The guy pays her money. Jagan hears them, and asks him to come anytime. The guy says I will meet tomorrow. Jagan says fine. The guy stops that girl for some more time. Amba asks Jagan whose call was it, you look happy. Jagan says guests are coming, important people, take care of them, do preparations. She nods and says I feel something is strange. He says we should have some friends against Bajwas. He leaves. She thinks who is his friend who will support Jagan, and why is he coming here.

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