Waaris 28th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Mannu stopping Jagan from checking file. He asks did you call me. Jagan asks him to do work. Mannu takes file. He goes and hears Bebe calling out Amba. Sushila asks what happened. Mannu says Bebe got conscious maybe, she called mummy. Sushila says its nothing like that, you would be missing her. He says no, I heard her. Jagan says there is no sound, your ears are ringing, you did not do any work well, Harjeet’s file should reach his house before puja, go. Sushila asks him to run, I will take care of Bebe.

Mannu goes. Jagan says medicine got less, come we will give this to Bebe. Harjeet knocks door and asks Amrit about file. She says I m finding file, just wait. She opens the door. He asks did you get file. She says I will find it. He scolds her and asks her to find file

before puja. He goes. She worries. Mannu comes there with the file. Sushila plans with Raavi to get Amba for work. Amba comes and asks Sushila did you call me. Sushila says yes, see Raavi’s state, do puja work. Raavi says I will light diya, I m Shahni. Sushila asks her to talk to Amba well. She asks Amba to help them, as Bebe is unwell. Amba says I will do everything, don’t worry.

Simran asks why are we working, you know Raavi, she made us leave, now she called us to clean house. Amba asks whose house is this, we used to clean it every year, shall we not clean house when Bebe is not seeing, we get blessings by devotion. They agree. They clean the house. Raavi says I got first chance to light diya and you called them. Sushila says you are fool, see Amba, if you had sense, you would have thought and spoke, you don’t deserve to become Shahni, but you will become by my Leela, now enjoy, Amba will clean house and you will light diya. Raavi gets glad. Harjeet hears some sound and goes out asking who is there. Mannu runs and hides. Raj burns crackers. Amrit takes Raj. Harjeet scolds him. Amrit says I got file and gives him. Pandit asks Harjeet to come for puja. Amba makes all arrangements. She recalls Mannu’s words. Mannu thinks I kept file back, thanks for sending Raj, now I will fulfil promise made to mummy.

Mannu goes home and sees Amba. He asks Amba to make him wash hands. She says I came here as Sushila called. Mannu says I have good news, tender will go out of hands. Amba gets shocked and asks what did you do. Mannu says I won’t let my Papa’s dream break, you get ready to light diya. Jagan comes. Mannu asks him can we all do puja here if you permit. Jagan agrees on Sushila’s sign. Sushila says open all doors and windows for puja. Mannu says yes, I will open all doors. He opens Bebe’s room door. Jagan shouts and stops him. Mannu says I m opening door as Sushila said. Mannu asks shall I do tilak to everyone. Sushila says yes. Mannu does tilak to Jagan. Raavi says now I will light diya. She goes to light diya. Mannu thinks of Amba.

Mannu gets caught when he goes to meet Bebe. Jagan scolds him. Mannu cries on losing. He gets to know Sushila is with Jagan. Sushila says I changed both files cover.

Update Credit to: Amena

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