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The Episode starts with Simran crying and telling Amba that Bebe got more angry when I made kheer, I switched off gas, don’t know what happened. She says you were there, why did you not say anything. Amba says I did not know entire matter, maybe you left stove flame on to hurry to do homework. Simran asks why are you saying this. Amba says forget all this, you made kheer again and Bebe got happy, now you go and sleep. Simran goes. Amba says its not right, they are not letting matter end, I m restless, bless us.

Its morning, Raavi stitches Jagan’s shirt and hurts him. She says I m sorry. He asks why is she happy. She says Bebe agreed for Simran’s marriage. He says I did not wait for Bebe’s agreeing, I already found the rich guy, he is son of textile company owner. The guy is shown driving rashly

and throwing wine bottle on the road. Jagan says once this relation happens, then we will get some power to rule over Bajwas. She calls him smart and asks about the guy’s character.

He says he is innocent, simple, and has come to pind for some work. The guy races the car and Mannu gets scared. He tells Bheeru that guy would be mad. The veg stall falls. Mannu looks at the guy. He beats the men with a hockey stick. Mannu says he is driving rashly and beating others, if I had gulel, I would have beaten him now. He gets a stone and Bheeru stops him. Mannu says that man is doing wrong, I will go and beat him. Bheeru says no need, come, I will see him later. Mannu says when I grow up, I will punish such bad men. Bheeru asks him to go. Mannu goes inside the gate. The people say the man left and beaten two vendors also. Bheeru thinks who can be this ill mananered guy.

Teacher asks everyone to clap, Sukhi got zero again. Everyone laugh. Sukhi asks Mannu how did I get zero. Teacher asks Mannu to come and take his answer sheet, he got 4 marks. He calls Raj and says you wrote well, full 10 marks. Mannu passes paper to Raj. Sukhi says I should also 4 marks, I wrote same answer. He says you wrote mercury, venus, you told me other thing, see I wrote what you said, you cheated me. Mannu explains him. Sukhi says I did mistake. Mannu says Amba will scold me seeing this marks. Sukhi asks who will tell her. He makes paper stick to table by his chewing gun. He says now we won’t show paper and won’t get scolding.

Mannu says no, I can’t lie to mummy. Sukhi says then I will be caught too. Mannu refuses. Amba applies oil to Bebe. Bheeru and Manna come home. Amba asks about test paper. Mannu thinks she will scold me knowing marks. He lies to her and gets hiccups. Amba says fine, when you get good marks, I will make your fav food, have water. Bebe smiles and says Mannu is lying, did you not see he was getting hiccups, even Charan used to get hiccups when he lied.

Mannu recalls Sukhi’s words and hides paper, saying mummy will beat me for low marks, I will show papers when I get good marks. Amba says Mannu does not lie, he is hungry and got hiccups. Bebe says I raised kids too, he is lying. Amba says no, he can’t lie to me. Mannu hears them and says but I lied. He says I m going to Mama and goes.

Jagan shows Simran’s pic to the guy and says her Papa died, I manage everything at home, she studied till 8th class and knows all household work, if you agree for marriage, then its good for us, you will become head of textile industry and we will become pind king. The guy says I like the girl. Jagan asks his father to fix date. The man says I heard she is studying 9th class. Jagan says you make her sit at home, or make her collector. The man says you are smart. Jagan asks him to hug. He hugs the man and fixes alliance. The guy smiles seeing Simran’s pic and says baby doll.

Amba goes to room and cleans the mess. She gets Mannu’s exam sheet and gets shocked realizing he lied. She recalls Bebe’s words.

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