Waaris 27th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Amba ends ties with Mannu

Waaris 27th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Amba leaving Raj. Mannu hugs Raj. Amba asks them to leave, they can’t tolerate them. Mannu says truth is I love Raj, and I m your daughter, I can’t leave both of you, this is not a deal to choose by convenience, its a relation to keep, Jagan has come back from jail, Chandar is planning while sitting in jail, don’t support me, we will outside the house to support you till you accept us. Amba says I don’t need anyone, I will never accept you. Mannu and Raj leave. Amba shuts the door on their face.

Ladies find Amba’s decision wrong. Jagan says its called Kalyug. Raj and Mannu see their wounds and cry. He apologizes to her. He says I always want to become your smile, but I become the reason of your tears. She says you are not wrong, situation is wrong, one day Amba

will trust our love. They hug and cry. She says you would be hurt. He says so what, I got a medicine too, you…. Tu safar mera…..plays….. They get close. She gets away. He says you kissed me in front of everyone and now you are getting shy. They feel the paining wounds and laugh. Simran sees them.

Raj and Mannu do the aid to their wounds. Simran goes. Raj says we are really mad. Amba sees Mannu’s childhood pic and recalls the childhood moments. Waaris…..plays……….. she says you were my Mannu, you failed me. Simran says decision didn’t happen, Bajwas are our enemy. Amba says I don’t care for enemies, I lost to my Mannu, she failed me, she has beaten herself when I have beaten her, her hand was bleeding, how could I see the wound marks. Simran says I have seen them, Preet has gone mad in love, we can’t separate them, she won’t leave Raj, but if Raj leaves Preet, if we think of something to do this, she will come to us. Amba says yes, there is a way, I will tell you.

Chandar says great, I wish I was there to see this. Jagan says Amba is alone, its time I raise my voice at home. Chandar says Raj and Preet should come inside home, Amba will hate Raj more, then she will kill him, then she will come in jail and we will rule in village. Jagan says great thought, if this happens, it will be fun. Chandar says then do the preparations to get them home. Jagan says Amba won’t agree. Chandar says then agree, think of something. Jagan jokes. They laugh.

Its morning, Raj wakes up and looks for Preet. Someone comes to him. Mannu comes and thinks where did he go. Amba does the aid to Raj. He asks what do you want from me.

Amba asks Raj not to have any relation, then Simran will go in Rohan’s life. Mannu calls her selfish. Chandar makes a plan. Raj and Mannu cry. Raj goes. Amba looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Omg simran new villain in the show, i used to like her innocence so much now she is no more innocent she is full of hate like amba …..

    She is alive only because of RR Raj and Rohan

    Otherwise she would have been killed by mohini ….

    She forgot everything-:(

    Amba said i dnt want bajwa so how she can kept a promise for rohan n simran ?

    Preet should understand her plan i hope

  2. Frosties

    Yes Tessy, let’s hope Preet picks up on Amba’s Plan.
    Simran is identical to her mother ?
    I don’t think this storyline of Amba fighting for women’s right is accurate because she is self centered and only thinks of herself.
    Why was Raj and Preet still sleeping outside? Surely he could have taken her home, Amrit is waiting ?
    Intriguing as it is I feeling like switching off because of Amba’s selfishness ??

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