Waaris 27th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Amrit asking Mannu you here…. Mannu gets shocked. Raavi asks Jagan which chunri shall I war. He asks is it my marriage. She asks which kurta will wear Sukhi. He says he looks monkey’s child. Sukhi says Papa ji then you are monkey. Jagan gets angry. Raavi says your Papa is Shah. She asks Jagan not to get angry, its Diwali, we are preparing for Laxmi puja, since I came in this house, I dreamt to light diya as Shah’s wife, I will get chance today, no one can stop me. Jagan says its not a big thing, its just diya. Raavvi says its big thing, Bebe used to make elder bahu light diya. He says do anything. Sushila asks Jagan why is he losing senses, Mannu is very clever, he is 7 year old, but senses is double. Jagan asks what shall I do, shall I distribute sweets, you are praising

Mannu and I m in tension.

She asks did you see duck. He says yes, this is the zoo. Sukhi says I have seen duck in pond. Sushila says duck looks calm when it swims, and inside the water, it hits legs fast. You use senses and no one should know what are you planning. Raavi says right, become duck. Jagan thinks.

Amrit asks Mannu what were you doing, if Harjeet knows, it will be big fight. Mannu says I will keep file before Harjeet knows, trust me. Amrit says this is stealing. Mannu says I don’t know who gets tender, I won’t let Jagan win, I have to make him lose, else I can never win over him, trust me, I will get file back. Amrit says no Mannu, I can’t let you take this file, Harjeet will need file in puja. Mannu says fine, I will not take file. Amrit asks him to go now before anyone sees him. He says fine, look outside if anyone is there. She says wait. Mannu runs away with the file. Amrit gets shocked.

Jagan eats food. Mannu comes home and shows file, saying I got this. Jagan and Sushila get shocked. Jagan coughs and looks for water. Sushila gives him water. She asks him not to show Mannu that he did big work, become duck. Jagan says what big thing did you do, keep this here and go home. Sushila says you did great Mannu, have this. She asks Jagan shall I give money to Mannu for his hardwork. Jagan says fine. She says keep this, it will be of use. Mannu says thanks, you are very nice. She asks him to go. Jagan thinks Mannu did big work and smiles.

Mannu thinks I can feed food to my family think and buys food. He goes home. Amba cries. Mannu asks why are you crying, you should be happy, I got my first earning. She says no mum wants to take earnings from his 7 year old kid, she wants to see her kid playing. Simran says Mannu, this time mummy can’t light diyas, when tradition is Shah’s wife or Shah’s mum lights diyas, if Bebe was well, she would have made mummy light diyas, I think this time Raavan won.

Mannu asks when is Laxmi puja. Amba says 7pm. He asks her to light diya, I won’t let Raavan win. She asks what work did Jagan give you. Mannu says he asked me to get factory file. Jagan says there is much difference in quotation, you are great, if Mannu did not get file, I would have lost, now I will get tender, what are you thinking. She says I m thinking Mannu got file from enemy’s house, think well and go ahead, Mannu is clever.

Amba says this factory should not start, else water will get ruined, who will stop them. Mannu gets thinking. Sushila asks how can I do this, I can’t stop Jagan from starting factory, he won’t listen to me, factory will be made. He says there is a way, I will go to keep file and get caught intentionally. Sushila thinks he is very clever. Jagan hears hum and says you will be caught intentionally, you know what I will do with you and Amba, go silently and keep the file, come back and no one should know this, take this. Mannu takes the file.

Sushila says wait, check file once. Jagan checks file. Jagan checks file and gives to Mannu. Sushila says its time to serve Bebe now. They go to Bebe’s room. Mannu looks on and thinks I wish I could know whats wrong is happening with Bebe, I have to keep tender file back. Harjeet asks Amrit where did she keep the file. Amrit says you had it. He says I told you to keep it in cupboard, I have to keep it in puja. She says I kept it in cupboard, I don’t know. He asks her to get file.

Jagan checks his file and locks in cupboard. Mannu looks on. Jagan asks Sushila to keep key safely. He goes. She hides keys under pillow. Mannu gets the keys and takes file from cupboard. He changes the papers of both files. He says when they give their files, they will not get factory contract. He keeps file and keys back. Sushila comes with Jagan. Mannu collides with her and file falls in Jagan’s feet. Jagan picks file. Mannu gets tensed.

Mannu asks Jagan shall we do puja here. Jagan says fine. Mannu asks Amba to light diya. Raavi says I will light Laxmi ji Deepak today, I m Shahni. She goes to light diya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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