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The Episode starts with Raavi talking badly with Amba. Amba asks what nonsense are you saying, think and talk. Raavi scolds her for going in her room without permission, why did Simran not go to market to get medicines. Amba asks her to talk well about Simran, are you not ashamed. Raavi says you should have shame. Simran asks Raavi to stop it, you are scolding mummy, can’t you see Mannu is hurt, you could have got medicine from market yesterday, why did you get medicine from us. Amba asks Simran to talk with manners. Raavi says look at your daughter. Amba asks Simran to say sorry. Simran looks at Raavi. Raavi says send her to school more. Simran says if Raavi misbehaves, someone can misbehave with her too. Raavi says this matter will not end, Simran got out of hands, look at her. Amba asks Simran to go,

I did not send you to school to misbehave with elders, apologize and go. Raavi says I won’t leave her. Simran goes.

Amba asks Raavi why did she get angry on Simran, but you have right on all kids, I m sorry to enter your room. Simran sits sad and Mannu cheers her up. He says I can’t understand girls. Amba asks Simran to say sorry to Raavi. Mannu asks why. Amba asks him not to talk in between. Simran says why are you saying this, did Raavi say sorry to you, you taught me to walk with high head, you saw Raavi was saying such bad things, what if I m a girl, will she say anything, even Raavi is a girl, is being girl a sin. Amba says yes, its big sin, there is big difference between girl and boy, that’s why I had to fight to send you to school, boy is heir of family, he manages house and family, daughter has to think many things, this is truth of society.

Simran says then let me study and become doctor, I will also take care of everyone, but I can’t hear anyone saying bad to my mum, not even Lord. Amba says you are not understanding, a woman has many limitation and she has duty to maintain peace and respect, remember always end the matter, not extend it.

Jagan dislikes food. Raavi cries and tells about Simran. He says it was your plan to send Simran to school. She says yes, but why to complete her studies, find a guy and send her. Simran says dish got spicy so mummy has sent jaggery for Jagan. She apologizes to Raavi. Jagan eats jaggery and asks his birthday.

Amba asks why did Jagan ask birthday. Simran says don’t know. Amba asks her to make kheer for Jagan. Amba says I have projects. Amba says I will take Mannu out, you do the work. Simran asks her to get tetanus injection for Mannu. Simran makes kheer and goes. Raavi smiles. She takes kheer for herself and says no one can have this. She switches on stove and goes. Simran sits to study. Bebe scolds Raavi for burning the house by making kheer. Simran comes there and says I made kheer. Bebe says but I switched off gas. Bebe says I came home and did this. Raavi acts sweet with Simran. Simran says I will apologize, but I switched off the stove. Bebe asks her to go and see the utensil, kheer got burnt. Bebe scolds Simran and asks her to make kheer again. Simran cries and says my homework. Amba and Mannu come home. Bebe says I will burn your books. Simran cries.

Bebe drinks. Raavi makes her against Simran. She says there is no use to educate girls. She says Simran should get married now, else she will get bitter tongued. Bebe agrees and says Simran’s father is not there, ask Jagan to find some good guy. Raavi gets glad.

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