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The Episode starts with Bebe asking Amba to say truth. Amba says I m saying truth, Kalgi… Bebe says you took Kalgi for polish. Amba says yes, but I could not get that polished. Raavi asks did you give that to your lover. Amba scolds Raavi and says you have filled Bebe’s ears. Bebe says no one told me anything, tell me how did Harjeet get Charan’s Kalgi. Amba gets shocked and says Kalgi did not go to anyone, its in room, I will show you. Suraiyya looks for Mannu. Dhaniya calls Suraiyya and asks why did you call me. Suraiyya asks where is Mannu, he is missing. Dhaniya says I don’t know, why will he be with me, I have sworn. Suraiyya asks do you know where he can be. Dhaniya says yes, there is a place. Suraiyya asks where.

A man comes and gives envelop to Bebe. He says someone has sent this

for Bebe and leaves. Jagan and Raavi smile. Bebe checks. Mannu cries. Suraiyya reaches the shade. He asks her to leave. Suraiyya says you are a little kid, did you have food, come home. Mannu says no, I won’t go there where everyone lie to me, I will never go home, I will stay here. Suraiyya asks him to think of Amba. Mannu says she is not my mummy, she would have not done this, she is bad mummy, she is liar. Suraiyya gets shocked. Mannu cries.

Suraiyya says you could not understand your mum, when I have seen you for the first time, you were so small, cute and chubby, when I came to congratulate your family, none was happy, some was worried that new heir came, your mum was scared, when she told me truth, I felt too bad, I had pity on her, she has bear many troubles to raise you. Mannu says I don’t want to know, Amba has sent you to lie to me, truth is I m a girl, I did not know this, because of my mummy. Suraiyya says I m not saying your mummy is true, its half truth, know complete truth and then leave Amba if you want, half truth is bad.

Amba looks for Kalgi and worries thinking where did it go. Bebe asks Amba did she find her truth. Amba says I m saying truth, I had kept Kalgi here. Bebe says your truth is in these pics Amba and throws pics. Amba gets shocked seeing her pics with Harjeet.

Suraiyya tells Mannu that your Dadi, Bebe tells everyone that Mannu is Charan’s son, Pavaniya’s Shah, she would have killed you and your sisters along with Amba, you would have been dead if Amba did not lie, Amba did all this to fulfil Charan’s dreams, Jagan is cheap and even today he dreams to become Charan, Amba always tries to protect you, you are seeing your pain, you are not seeing Amba’s pain, think she can’t make you wear frock and give you doll. Mannu says why did Amba not take us away. Suraiyya says yes, she would have run away, how will she manage to raise you, she lied for you and this village, she wanted to maintain peace in this village as your Papa wanted, if Jagan became Shah, he would have killed many, Amba did not lose, she chose tough path, not an easy one.

Bebe says you have given Kalgi to your lover. Amba says this is not true. Jagan asks Amba what did you do. Raavi asks Bebe how many proof do you want Bebe, I told you Amba is alone and will feel lonely, Jagan said Amba is clean character, see the truth, I m also woman and know woman, this was happening in hospital. Amba asks her to mind her language. Bebe stops Amba. Amba asks Bebe to trust her. Bebe says trust…. And slaps her angrily.

Mannu says if Amba can fight for everyone, why can’t she fight for me, she would have said I m girl. Suraiyya says so what, you all would have died, Amba fought for Simran as you are her son, sons are valued in this pind, so she has made her daughter as son, so that she can fight with the society who kills daughters to get a son, your heart will have many questions, if you believe me, just believe this Amba was never wrong, she is not wrong and will never be wrong, I will answer you when time comes, come with me. Bebe asks Amba about meeting Harjeet at hospital, that man who killed your husband, who made your children orphan, you are having affair with Harjeet. Amba says no Bebe, this is not true. Raavi asks what proof do you want, these pics and Harjeet wearing Charan’s Kalgi, what proof do you want, your hair in Harjeet’s kurta or your jhumka in his bed. Amba shouts Raavi…..

Suraiyya asks Mannu to stay here or say truth, everyone loves you because of Amba’s lie, you think Bebe and Jagan will accept you and everyone if you say truth, if Jagan becomes Shah, he will ruin pind, he is a creep. Mannu cries. Suraiyya says this is true, men are strong, but women run the world, there can’t be anyone powerful than women, Amba has bear all this so that she can save you all, when you change and make village better, Amba will proudly say that Mannu is her daughter, you don’t know in what state Amba is right now.

Bebe pushes Amba on the ground. She kicks out Amba from the house. Amba says this is a lie. Simran and Gunjan come and worry for Amba. Bebe says don’t dare, I will throw everyone out of here. She asks Jagan to kick out Amba. Mannu comes there and asks them not to dare doing this. He says if anyone touches my mummy, I will not leave them, this is command of Pavaniya’s Shah. Amba gets shocked. Mannu holds her.

Mannu says if anyone touches my mummy, none will be worse than me. Raavi says now we had to see this, Amba has ruined our respect and now Mannu has come, your mum has stained our family. Bebe says Mannu, I will tell you, you don’t know anything. Mannu says no one will say anything about my mummy. Amba, Simran and Gunjan cry and look on. Waaris……plays…….

Jagan asks is Mannu Charan’s son or Harjeet’s. Mannu promises Bebe that he will proof Amba innocent, else he will leave from this village, if I win, then you have to forget of becoming Shah. Jagan gets shocked. Mannu asks Bebe to think well and decide.

Update Credit to: Amena

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