Waaris 26th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Amba saying you won’t work with Jagan. Mannu asks but why. Amba says Jagan is not good. Sushila tells Jagan that Mannu will fall in their trap. Amba says you won’t work, he is Jagan, you know he will trouble us. Mannu says he is still troubling us, but now I will get paid. Amba reminds what happened yesterday and says I can’t send you to hell by knowing everything. Mannu says I will not let anyone know I m a girl, I m your Waaris, its Diwali today, I don’t want my sisters to sleep hungry tonight.

Raavi tells Sushila that Bebe used to make Amba light diya always in Diwali night, this time I will light it. Sushila says this is not related to Diwali, be quiet. She says Jagan, there is one way to break them, its my breaking their unity, once Mannu works here, you fool

him, you can control him. Raavi says yes, right. Mannu asks Amba to agree. Amba says I know you are doing this for your family, you understand what is happening with me, forgive me you have to become mature so early because of me, but you have to be alert when you talk to Jagan. Mannu says don’t worry, I will take care.

Mannu goes to Jagan and asks for work. Jagan says I don’t trust you, leave from here. Mannu asks why don’t you trust me give me any work and see. Jagan asks will you do whatever I say. Mannu says yes, I will never move back and try till I win. Jagan smiles and says fine, now you have to do one work, you will go to Bajwas house. Mannu gets shocked. Jagan asks him to get tender file from Harjeet. Mannu asks how will I do this. Jagan asks him to go and rest in Amba’s lap and hear Charan’s stories. Mannu says I will do this to feed my family, don’t say anything wrong about my dad next time. He leaves.

Raman sees Simran and thinks to ask her about money. He greets Simran and asks are you all fine now. She thinks of Raman giving her food and says no, we got much help, thanks. He gets glad and says if you need anything… She says no, we all are fine, thanks, I will go, mummy will be worried.

Amba asks Mannu what work did Jagan do. Mannu thinks I can’t say truth as mummy won’t let go to Bajwas, but if I lie, I will get hiccups and mummy will understand. He says Jagan asked me to get file. She asks which file. He says I will tell later and goes. Amba prays for him.

Mannu meets Raj. Raj says I can’t take you inside house. Mannu says I have to win Jagan’s trust by getting file. Raj says I will give you file by window and keep file back, come at 2. Mannu thanks Raj and says you are very nice. Jagan says Mannu won’t be able to get fine. Sushila says we will win both ways, if he gets file, we will get to know tender quotation and win, if he does not get file, the blame on Amba will be proved right, so Jagan will win anyway, right. Jagan smiles.

Raman makes Raj sit in the car. Mannu comes their home and sees Raj leaving. Raj drops a note for Mannu. Mannu looks around and sees the note. He reads, sorry, I can’t help you, Papa ji is sending us to city. Mannu says what will I do now, who will I win Jagan’s trust. He tries to get inside the house. He looks into the house and gets scared seeing a servant. A vase falls. Mannu runs to hide. Servant checks in storeroom. Mannu hides. He thinks where is Harjeet’s room.

Amrit asks servant what happened. He says I think I saw some kid. She asks him to go and decorate house. Mannu gets into some room and checks cupboard. He gets tender file and thinks its same file, now I can win Jagan’s trust. Harjeet comes to his room. Mannu hears footsteps and hides. Harjeet gets call and says yes, I will say tender quotation, where did file go. Mannu thinks what to do, Harjeet is finding this file.

Mannu keeps file back and hides. Harjeet gets the file and talks to the man. Amrit sees Mannu hiding, in the mirror. She gets shocked. Harjeet asks her to keep files in cupboard. She says whats Mannu doing here. Harjeet stops and takes watch from mirror. He leaves. Amrit goes to Mannu. Mannu gets shocked.

Amba says this factory should not start, else village will get ruined. Mannu tells Amba that she will light diyas for Diwali, I won’t let Raavi win. Sushila tells Jagan to be careful, Mannu is very clever,

Update Credit to: Amena

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