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The Episode starts with Mannu asking what book. Bebe angrily stares at Amba. Mannu says I did not come for book, but… Bheeru says Mannu, we will get late and takes Mannu. Amba lies to Bebe and says maybe book was in his bag. Bebe nods. Amba gets tensed. Bebe leaves. Amba says how is Lord testing me, I can’t say truth to my child and I can’t save him from problems, that’s why I did not wish to send him to school. Mannu comes back to school. Kids ask him where did he go. School bells rings. Kids go out to have lunch. Mannu goes to Raj. He holds his ears and says sorry. Raj says I don’t talk to liars, if you trouble me, I will beat you with this walking support.

Mannu says you are angry on me, I had to go out, Sir came and its not my mistake. Raj asks why did you need to go out. Mannu recalls

Amba’s words and says I can’t tell you. Raj says I thought you are my friend, but you are like them, I will beat you if you try to become my friend. Mannu says sorry. Raj moves him away.

The guys stare at Simran. She sees Raman there. She calls out Sir and her papers fall from her hands. Raman comes and helps her by picking papers with her. Music plays. He says I got this sunflower by difficulty, I mean for herbarium file. She goes. He gets sad and sees the sunflower. He asks his friend did Simran turn. Simran turns to Raman. The boys shout she turned. Raman smiles seeing her.

Bheeru and Mannu come home. Jagan and Raavi look on. Jagan asks why are you upset Mannu. Mannu goes to his room. Amba asks Bheeru what happened. Bheeru signs her to calm down. Raavi says Mannu is always upset, he used to cry to go to school.

Amba talks to Mannu. Mannu says I don’t want to have food. She asks why are you angry, did anyone punish you. Mannu’s water bottle falls. Raavi smiles getting some idea. Mannu says everyone go to school’s bathroom, why can’t I, my friend fought with me. Bheeru comes to them. Amba says you can’t go. Mannu asks why. She says you are Shah, different from others. Mannu says fine, if such thing happens, I will go to someone’s house, I had pain. She says you won’t go to anyone’s house, just house to school and school to house. She cries and thinks I m sorry, but I m doing this to hide your truth from world.

Raavi tells Jagan that we will put poison in this bottle. Jagan asks her to be quiet. She says this is the chance, everything will get fine. He says doubt will come on us. Amba comes there and gets shocked. Jagan and Raavi worry seeing her. Jagan asks what happened. Amba says poisonous scorpion. He asks what nonsense, I m saying….. Amba says I m saying truth, and asks Jagan to see, there is scorpion behind him. Raavi shouts seeing scorpion. Jagan catches scorpion with a clipper and says I will drop this out. Nekiram comes and says harvest has come, come and do accounts. Jagan asks Raavi to take clipper from outside and goes.

Mannu sits studying. He makes sorry card for Amba. Amba asks Simran about her school, does anyone bother. Simran recalls Raman. She says its all fine, no one bothers, I m having fun. Amba asks her to work hard. Mannu sees gum bottle on the shelf’s top and tries to take it. He falls down and Amba and Simran run to him.

Simran says its big injury, we will go to doctor. Amba cries and says no, its small wound, boys don’t cry like that, go to Raavi and take medicine. Simran says no one is at home. Amba says we can’t go to doctor, hold Mannu, I will get medicines. Mannu cries. Simran consoles Mannu. Mannu says its hurting a lot. Amba gets medicine from Raavi’s room. She applies ointment to Mannu and says if Shah ji cries like this, how will he see others. Raavi comes home and says everyone sit for small wounds as if elephant sat on leg. Simran says why does Amba talk bitter. Raavi sees her room door open and shouts asking who opened my room.

She comes to Simran and says you went to my room right, don’t lie. Amba says I went there to get medicine, I would have not gone if you were at home. Raavi scolds her and asks did you check my drawers too, what else did you take. Amba gets angry.

Simran scolds Raavi. Amba tells Simran that she did not send her to school to misbehave with elders. Mannu tells Simran that he will take her side.

Update Credit to: Amena

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