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The Episode starts with everyone crying and recalling Bebe. They all cry. Jagan cries and thinks of Bebe. Amba says I will also go to graveyard. Raavi says no, women don’t go there. The man asks Mannu to come. Amba asks Mannu to go, Bebe gave you right of heir, do your duty. Mannu cries and says no. Everyone stop. Mannu says I will not go till my mummy comes along. Sushila asks what’s this Mannu, will you not do last rites of Bebe. Mannu says I will do, but my mummy stayed with Bebe as her shadow, if she does not have right to do in last journey, I think its none’s right. Amba cries. The man says Mannu is right, Amba has full right. They leave.

They all stand crying while pandit tells them about last rites. Harjeet comes and says its tough situation for them to think who will light the funeral

pyre. He pities Bebe. Jagan gets angry and asks Harjeet to leave, I will bury you here. Harjeet says we did not kill her, you lost mother because of your sins. Jagan angrily asks him to leave and warns.

Amba asks Jagan not to do anything today, else Bebe’s soul will not get peace. Amba requests Harjeet to leave, its day of sorrow for us. Harjeet leaves. Raman and Raj touch the funeral to pay respect. Jagan looks on. Bajwas leave. Pandit asks Yuvraaj to come and light the funeral pyre. Jagan gets shocked and stops Yuvraaj. He says Yuvraaj will not touch the funeral. Pandit says its grandson’s right. Jagan says he is not grandson. Sushila stops Jagan and says so what, Jagan has right to give fire to funeral. She covers up.

Jagan lights the funeral. Everyone cry. Jagan asks Sushila to explain Yuvraaj not to tell about rights. Its night, Amba and Mannu cry at home. Amba sees Bebe’s pic. Mannu says I have seen someone with Yuvraaj, I heard Jagan getting angry today. Amba says Sushila followed me when I went to Barnala. Mannu says Sushila laid a big trap, I have to find truth, from where this story started. She asks Barnala? He says yes, I will go there. She says I will also come. He says no, I lost Bebe because of some people, they can’t get saved easily, we both can’t do, else they will doubt, don’t worry, Bebe has accepted me, I will find the culprits. Mannu hugs Amba.

Its morning, Amba and Mannu argue. Mannu says I will become Shah. Jagan scolds them and asks them to wait till Choutha. Mannu asks what do you care, I care, I will not stand quiet. Amba angrily slaps Mannu. She scolds Mannu and asks him to agree to accept Bebe’s decision, Yuvraaj is Shah, else you can leave from here. Mannu gets angry and says I will not stay here. Jagan says how did they fight, they got mad. Mannu leaves. Amba asks Simran not to stop Mannu, he will get senses in few days. Yuvraaj goes out and meets a boy. The boy gives him letter. Mannu writes letter for Yuvraaj, asking him to meet him in garden. Yuvraaj goes to meet Mannu. He says I m the Shah, you can’t do anything, find roof for yourself.

He laughs on Mannu and asks him to do what he wants. The Bajwas men catch them. Mannu says wait, we were walking and came here, we will go. The man says if Pavaniyas have come here, we will not leave you, you go and tell family to save Mannu, else forget him, if you don’t come in 10mins, we will beat him a lot. Mannu asks Yuvraaj not to go. Yuvraaj runs. The men laugh.

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