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The Episode starts with Amba telling Simran that she likes to believe Mannu’s words. Raavi comes to taunt Amba. Amba answers her back well. Simran smiles. Swaroop tells Raman that his friendship is not wrong, but enmity between Bajwas and Pavaniyas will never end, Harjeet will kill you. He says you all chose enmity, I chose friendship, I won’t let anyone know this, you are very nice, thanks, you saved me from Papa today. Mannu asks Gunjan why is she crying. Gunjan says she is hungry. Mannu consoles her and asks her to work. Gunjan serves juice to guests. The juice falls and Raavi scolds Gunjan. Jagan looks on and says the kids have no manners. Sushila says let them go, they are kids.

Mannu signs Gunjan. Gunjan smiles and goes to Mannu. They go to Sukhi. Mannu asks Gunjan what are you crying.

Gunjan says Raavi scolded me. Mannu says we will take revenge, mummy added something in food and all guests will run to hospital. Sukhi hears them. Mannu laughs and goes.

Raavi and Sushila talk to guests and tell about Bebe. Sushila says Raavi is taking care of Bebe. Raavi says Mata Rani will punish Amba. Sukhi comes with no pyjama and guests laugh. Jagan gets shocked. Sushila asks Raavi to see Sukhi. Jagan shouts Raavi. Raavi shouts Sukhi….. Everyone laugh. Sukhi sees he did not wear pyjama and gets embarrassed. Mannu and Gunjan laugh.

Raavi takes Sukhi to room and scolds him. Jagan dances with everyone. Sushila says food is served. Jagan asks everyone to come. Raavi asks Sukhi to wear the pyjama. Sukhi tells her that there is something mixed in food, I heard Mannu and Gunjan saying this. Raavi asks what, everyone is going to have food, come fast. Gunjan says Mannu, you said we will have food first. Mannu says this is start, just see what happens. Raavi comes and stops Jagan.

Sukhi’s pyjama falls and everyone laugh. Raavi says I got to know something, enemies have planned this, they mixed something in food, everyone will fall ill. Jagan gets shocked. Everyone leave food. Jagan asks what happened. Raavi says Amba wanted to ruin Jashan, I m saving it. Jagan looks at Amba. Amba asks why will I do this, we made food by love, I did not add anything. Raavi says yes, we have seen your love, Sukhi heard Mannu saying Amba added something in food.

Mannu says you made us work hard and now blaming us. Raavi says yes, you worked hard to make everyone reach hospital and our Jashan spoils. Amba asks why will we do this, I also care for this house’s respect, if everyone fall ill, Bebe’s respect will get ruined. Jagan says enough, now Amba will have food, prove you did not do anything. Mannu says how can we eat food, its got guests. Jagan says stop it. He asks Raavi to serve food to four of them, if the food is faulty, these four will go hospital, not guests. They all sit. Amba recalls Mannu’s words. Mannu smiles. Raavi serves them food. They all eat food and get glad. Mannu says there is nothing in food, shall we go. Jagan says finish the food silently. Mannu smiles.

Raman puts some money inside godown house door for Amba by Bheeru’s name. Mannu says now we can’t have more food, the food made by Amba was very tasty. Jagan and Raavi stare at Sukhi. Amba and her children leave. Sushila thinks Mannu is very clever, its mistake to think he is fool, Amba gave clever heir to Pavaniyas, but he will be caught in Sushila’s leela, I have to see Jagan now.

Raman runs away seeing Mannu and everyone coming. Mannu says it was fun, I told you we will eat food first. Simran steps on money envelope and it falls aside. Mannu says its good we have seen Bebe also. Amba smiles and hugs her children. She wishes Bebe gets fine soon.

Sushila slaps Raavi for failing the plan. Jagan says Mannu fooled me, I will decide today. Sushila stops him and asks him to use senses, Mannu’s bad days will start tomorrow, he can’t get saved by my Leela.

Its morning, Sushila waits for Mannu. She asks Mannu to take Prasad, I went to temple, I m worried for Amba, I m thinking what to do to get you all back home, its not easy to convince Jagan, will you do something. He asks what. She says become Jagan’s assistant, help him in his work, you all can come home and get some money, that will help Amba. Mannu says but Jagan won’t keep me on work. She says I will try, you trust me and agree, I will help you. He recalls Jagan’s words and agrees. She says come home at 10am, okay. She goes.

Jagan says I don’t trust you. Mannu asks why, I will do whatever you say. Jagan asks him to go to Bajwas house and get tender file. Mannu agrees. Sushila says if Mannu gets file, we will know Harjeet’s tender, if Mannu does not get tender, then the blame on Amba will be proved right.

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