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The Episode starts with Daima asking Amba to bear some pain. Bebe asks Raavi to get boy’s Mauli and sends her. Bebe then asks her to get boy’s clothes. Jagan looks on. Raavi says Amba will give girl child again. Bebe asks her not to say this, if Amba does not give birth to boy, I will not let third daughter stay in this house, I don’t care if baby dies, I just want this house’s Waaris. Amba cries hearing this. Bebe asks Amba’s brother Veeru to get the gun. She says this is Charan’s Bau ji’s gun, if Charan was alive, Daai would have told him in his ears that it’s a son, now Charan is not here, so Mama has to do this work, when Daai tells you it’s a boy, then shoot two bullets outside door, its tradition, the pind will know our Waaris has come, Charan’s son has come.

Jagan looks on

and calls Nekiram. He asks Nekiram to keep water bucket outside. Jagan tells Veeru that if Amba gives birth to girl again, then shoot bullets in this bucket so that pind knows Amba did not give Waaris again.

Daima asks Amba to bear pain, baby will come in some time. Jagan and Veeru wait outside. Amba delivers her child. Everyone hear the cry. Daima takes the baby and goes to Amba. Amba sees the baby crying. Daima goes outside to Veeru. Bebe follows and waits to know whether it’s a girl or boy. Daima tells something in Veeru’s ears. Everyone look at Veeru. Raavi smiles and tells Jagan that I think it will be a girl, so there is silence, you will become Shah ji. Jagan asks Veeru did he get speechless, everyone knows Amba can’t get a son.

Jagan dips the gun in the water bucket. Veeru takes the gun and shoots twice in the air. Bebe gets glad. Jagan and Raavi get shocked. Jagan pushes Veeru and asks are you playing a game with me. Veeru says Shah ji is born at Pavaniyas. The people cheer for Shah ji. Bebe is very happy and congratulates them as her Waaris, her grandson has come. She asks them to dance and play dhol. She asks Daima to dance along, as she gave good news. Bebe dances with them.

Amba recalls Charan’s words and cries. She says whats happening Shah ji…… Bebe asks Raavi to get sweets, and thanks Lord. She asks Raavi to smile. Bebe goes to meet the boy and says my grandson has come. She takes the baby in her lap. Amba gets worried. Bebe sees Charan’s pic and smiles. She makes the baby taste some honey. She asks Daima about the bangles. Daima says Amba gave me…. Bebe says fine, I will give you much gold. Amba signs Daima. Daima stops Bebe from taking baby. Bebe says don’t worry, I know what to do with my grandson.

Bebe goes to terrace and sees the people dancing. She tells them that he is new Shah of Pavaniya, our Waaris, Charan’s son. Jagan gets angry. Amba says now this baby will fulfill Charan’s dreams.

Amrit tells the ladies that I blessed Amba that she will get a son, her fate got good. Lala ji is glad to know about Charan’s son. Amrit gives her son to a boy and goes. The lady says if tractor goes late, it will be loss, this time harvest is not good. Amrit says its because some traditions are not fulfilled, I m most lucky, I gave birth to three sons, I will do puja, move now. The ladies talk that Amrit is proud to have three sons, whereas Harjeet keeps her at shoe point.

Raavi cries and says I dreamt that Jagan will become Shah, but Amba got a son. Jagan asks her to stop it now. He recalls Amba’s words and gets angry. He pushes Raavi.

Lala ji asks Harjeet to take the tractor. Amrit asks the boy where is my son Raj, and worries. Harjeet drives the tractor. He does not see his son infront of the tractor. The little boy cries. Amrit sees her son and shouts. Everyone get shocked. Harjeet sees his son and applies breaks on time. Amrit hugs her son and cries.

Jagan takes his son Sukhi and asks Raavi to take care of Sukhi. Raavi takes Sukhi. Jagan gets the Mauli thread there and says this red Mauli was for boy, if this Mauli is here, then…… it means Amba has tied white Mauli to her baby, which is for girl, Amba did you get girl or boy…..

Jagan says I came to meet my nephew, I know Amba got her third daughter, no one can stop me from seeing the baby. Amba says you can never do this, stop, else Bebe will lose her second son. She aims gun at him.

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