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The Episode starts with Bebe asking Raavi to come and do work. Amba says let her rest, I will do the work. Bebe asks why, let her work and be fit. Raavi comes and is hurt. She says I was having pain and resting in room. Bebe says you went to doctor, what did he say. Raavi lies and Amba confronts her for her lie. Raavi asks her not to become spy. Bebe scolds Raavi. Amba says I worried for Raavi, so I said this. Bebe asks Raavi to say whats the matter. Raavi says a small accident happened. Bebe gets worried and says when, is baby fine, you had three miscarriages, you act smart. Raavi says I slipped and fell, nothing big. Bebe calls out Jagan and asks Raavi to show reports. Raavi says Jagan knows everything, reports ate fine. Amba thinks whats Raavi hiding now, maybe she is afraid of Bebe.

Raman gets

ready and sings. Swaroop hears him and teases. She asks him did he fall in love. He says no, I was just singing. She laughs and asks him to see his face. She asks him to take his bag. His books fall down and he keeps back. She says when young boy has secrets, it means news will be good. He leaves. She laughs. She sees mirror and the scar on her face. She recalls Jagan and gets sad.

Its morning, Bheeru asks Mannu not to go with anyone and wait for him. Mannu sees Swaroop there and shows to Bheeru. He says she helped me when I was stuck in quicksand. Bheeru recalls Swaroop and Jagan’s incident. Mannu says we will thank her. Bheeru says you go to class, I will thank her. He thinks Swaroop was blamed to kill Mannu, and she saved Mannu, strange.

Mannu’s test starts and teachers gives papers to everyone. Mannu asks Raj to help him. Raj explains him easy way to remember planet names. Teacher asks them not to talk. Sukhi does not know any answers and looks at Mannu. He gets some idea and kneels down to go to Mannu. He asks about nine planets. Mannu tells same line which Raj said. Sukhi asks sure? Mannu says yes. Mannu drinks much water and has to go to loo. Sukhi says Mannu told strange answer. Teaches takes the answer sheets from students. Mannu asks can I go to loo. Teacher leaves. Raj asks Mannu about his paper. Mannu says leave, it its over. He recalls Amba’s words, for not going to bathroom in school. Some kids bully Raj and laugh. Sukhi laughs seeing them.

Mannu thinks to go to bathroom. He gets angry seeing kids troubling Raj, and scolds them. The kids ask him to come and join in the game. Mannu goes to beat them. Teacher comes and sends the troubling kids outside. Mannu thinks how to go to bathroom, mummy asked me not to go. Mannu’s leg makes Raj’s walking support fall. Raj looks on. Mannu says sorry, I did not do this intentionally. Teacher pulls Mannu’s ear and asks him to go out. Mannu leaves from class and runs out. He shouts Mama and reaches the gate. Bheeru is at the stall and hears Mannu shouting. He thinks what happened to Mannu and sees him at the gate.

Bheeru runs to Mannu, and asks him what happened, is everything fine. Mannu says I need to go to bathroom, mummy asked me not to go in school’s bathroom. Bheeru says come, we will go home. Mannu says I can’t walk. Bheeru says sit on my shoulders, I will take you. Bheeru makes Mannu sit on his shoulders and runs towards home. People on road look on.

Bheeru removes his shoes and runs, holding Mannu. They reach home. Amba gets shocked seeing them and asks what happened. Bheeru asks Mannu to go fast. He tells Amba that Mannu had to go to bathroom. She says I was worried. He says Mannu is asking many questions, everyone goes to bathroom in school, what shall I answer him. Bebe asks what question, what are you doing here, where is Mannu. Amba says Mannu forgot his book and came to take it. Bebe says I will go for kirtan and come. Mannu comes and says how can I come home always, why can’t I go to school bathroom.

Bebe comes and sees him. She says he does not have book in hand. Mannu asks what book. Bebe stares at Amba. Amba and Bheeru get tensed.

No Precap

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