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The Episode starts with Amba and Bebe crying for Charan. Lala ji comes there. The lady says why did Lala ji come here after Harjeet shot Charan. Lala ji tells Bebe that hope of peace ended with Charan’s death, I felt much sorrow. Bebe asks how did you step inside my house, you cheated and killed my husband, now you killed my son, why did you do this, he has offered friendship to you, then why did you kill him. she says I will not leave you alive today and gets a sickle. Amba comes in between and says your son did not wish this. Bebe says Lala ji killed Charan, you are saving him, I will kill you too. Bebe holds Amba’s neck angrily. The lady asks what are you doing, Amba is your bahu, she is bearing a child. Bebe cries for Charan.

Amba tells Lala ji that Charan said you work for peace, but even

you could not save him, he was killed on your land, I don’t have any liking for Bajwas, but Charan wanted peace, its better if you leave. Lala ji leaves.

Later, Amba consoles Manpreet. Bebe cries recalling Charan’s childhood. Amba sings lullaby for Manpreet…..Phoolon se naina…. Bebe visualizes little Charan everywhere and goes after him. She goes out and sees Charan shot. Charan says I m very tired, and walks to her. He asks her to take him in her lap. She makes him lie in her lap and cries. She sits there till morning.

Jagan comes home with Charan’s ashes. Amba looks on angrily and recalls his words. She asks why are you not able to meet eyes, tell me what guilt you have, is there any guilt or not, to kill your brother. He gets shocked. He tells what he said…. She asks how could you kill him. he says listen to me. She holds his collar and asks how can you kill him. Raavi comes there and looks on. Jagan asks Amba did she go mad, get away, Raavi take her. Raavi asks Amba why is she blaming Jagan. Amba asks did you kill Charan to become Shah, Jagan you will never become Shah, I will give waaris to this family.

Amba shouts on Jagan and holds his collar again. The ashes fall down. She cries. Jagan calls her mad and goes. Amba gets labor pain and screams. She falls down and Raavi does not help. Amba holds the ashes. Manpreeti comes and asks Raavi to see what happened to Amba. Raavi asks Amba what happened. She asks Manpreet to call Biji fast, I can’t do this alone. Manpreet runs to tell Biji to save Amba.

Bebe is still sitting at Charan’s death place. Bebe walks to home. Manpreet rungs finding Bebe. She falls down and her Mama holds her. He asks what happened. She says mummy fell down. He asks where is your Papa. She says Papa died, even mummy will die. He says no, don’t say this, I m here, come with me. He goes home with the village ladies and sees Amba in pain. Raavi sees them and starts acting. He asks what happened to Didi. Raavi says she fell down. The ladies take Amba to the room.

Raavi says decision will be taken today, when a girl is born, Jagan will become Shah. Amba’s brother hears her. He hears Charan’s ashes. The lady says Lord gives back what he snatches. Jagan thinks of Amba’s words and is angry. Nekiram tells him about Amba’s delivery time. He says sorry, and calls him Shah ji. Jagan slaps him.

Nekiram says you can slap me again, but I will call you Shah ji. Jagan smiles. Bebe comes home. The ladies tell her about Amba. The lady says I will help Amba deliver the child. Bebe asks Amba to return her Charan, her Waaris, you always said it will be a son. The lady says I will inform you whether its son or… Bebe asks her not to say girl. The lady asks Bebe to go out. The lady asks Amba to keep the cloth in her mouth, it will pain. Amba says I don’t need any cloth, I will bear pain, this is my husband’s dream, I will give birth to a son, to this house’s Waaris.

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