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The Episode starts with Suraiyya asking Bebe to scold her. She says we are blessed and our prayer and curse affects a lot, we can foresee the future. She asks Raavi will she kill her by her eyes. She says I told Amba to keep Mannu, as there is bad shadow on him, she has to be careful. Amba nods. Suraiyya says I heard someone kidnapped Mannu, he should always be with Amba, did you understand or shall I explain more. Raavi gives her water. Suraiyya says I did not ask water for myself, give it to Amba. Suraiyya says I will leave, ask Raavi to give birth to another child, you will get busy too. Amba thanks her. Suraiyya hugs Amba. Amba says I did not say anything, you managed everything. Suraiyya says Lord will support you, don’t lose courage and blesses Amba.

Amrit talks to Swaroop and cries, saying

I could not save you from Harjeet, I m helpless, I regard you as my sister, I love you, forgive me. Swaroop says no, I should apologize, you did a lot for me, I could not understand you, and went to Jagan, that’s why Bau ji and Biji went, don’t get sad, I understood I have to fight my war myself. She takes a gun and says I will fight my war. Bheerun comes home. He hides some paper in his books. Amba asks when did you come, I was waiting for you. He says it was raining and I stayed at home, I topped and shows result. She says great, whats that paper. He says nothing. She thinks he is hiding something.

Swaroop goes to kill Jagan. Jagan is with some girl. She asks the girl to leave. Jagan smiles and says you can’t kill me, you still love me. She gives him another chance to leave his wife and come to her. He says no, your beauty got stained. She says fine, I will settle scores today. He gets shocked. He diverts her and takes the gun. She asks how did he get this cheat in his veins, your mum do not look a cheater. He says I was bitten by a snake in childhood and aims at her. She spits on him and asks him to kill her if he has courage. She starts leaving. He shouts and shoots. She says sorry Jagan, but I forgot to fill bullets. He says you will regret. She says you will regret, love is not easy, it’s a sea of fire. She throws kerosene there and lights the place. Jagan gets shocked. She leaves.

The man says I have seen the room roof, I will work tomorrow, its tough to repair roof in rainy season. He goes. Bheeru asks Amba why are you seeing me like this, I have that paper which you are finding, you topped in exam, govt is giving you scholarship, you can go city and study, you did not tell me, you are lucky to be a guy, you can study further, girls are not allowed to study. He says this is not necessary, I don’t want this scholarship. She says so that, you don’t want to leave me. He says I knew you will say this, I will not leave you, I m seeing your problems, when Mannu grows up, problems will increase, I promise I will complete my studies being her. She cries. Jagan breaks the door and comes out.

Its morning, Amba asks Bheeru why did the man refused to come. He says I don’t know. She says I can’t sleep in Bebe’s room. He asks her not to worry, I will do something. Bebe comes home. Amba says I will get tea for you. Bebe says I want my grandson, not tea. Jagan and Raavi look on. Amba says we decided that Mannu won’t go to anyone, Suraiyya told you reason too. Bebe says you told me that, I went to temple and made puja, I will tie this thread to Mannu’s waist, then he won’t need you. Amba says give me, I will tie it. Bebe says I will tie it. Amba stops Bebe and reminds the attacks on her son, so Mannu will stay just with me. Bebe says so will I not take him, he is my Waaris. Amba says he is my child, I can do anything to save his life.

Raavi tells Amba about believing Suraiyya, and not Bebe. Bebe asks Amba why did she take Mannu out. Amba asks what shall I do, if family tells me about Mannu’s death, and Bajwas give me my baby back. Bebe says you are blaming my son that he wants to kill Mannu. Amba says no, I m just saying why I can’t believe anyone, if anyone gets stubborn, I will leave this house with Mannu. Bebe says you are threatening me, Raavi shut the door. Jagan stops Raavi and asks Amba not to threaten her, go with your baby, my Sukhi will become Waaris. Bebe says I will take my Mannu. Amba says no Bebe, you won’t touch my son, I m saying this for the last time.

Jagan and Raavi hold Amba and try to get Mannu from here. Bebe takes Mannu and smiles. She tries the thread to Mannu’s waist. Amba gets tensed, that Mannu’s truth will come out. She bites Jagan’s hand and runs to stop Bebe. She asks everyone to move away, if anyone tries to touch my baby, I will jump in this well with this house’s Waaris. Bebe gets scared. Amba says Bebe, I respect you, but I love my son more. Jagan says she is acting Bebe, I will get her. Amba says no one will touch my baby from today and asks Bebe to agree to her words.

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