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The Episode starts with Jagan locking the house. He gives key to a man and says send money if house gets sold. Jagan asks everyone to sit. Amba asks Mannu to come. They all leave. The man goes to Harjeet and gives keys. Mohini says I told you Amba will not bear this and leave from the village. Harjeet says you got the keys here. The man says yes, as no one in village has status to buy that house. Harjeet gifts the keys to Mohini and asks her to stay there. He buys the house. Raman and Raj look on. Mohini invites Harjeet for dinner. Raman gets angry and goes.

Raman cries in room. Amrit asks him to have food. He refuses. He asks Amrit to leave him alone. Mohini and Harjeet come to Pavaniya house. Harjeet pays the man and sends him. Mohini says you look very happy. Harjeet says I did not know I will

become the king of this village so soon, you are responsible for this. She flirts with him. She plays song. She dances and serves drinks to Harjeet. Harjeet and Mohini get close. Amba comes there. Mohini taunts did you lose anything. Amba says yes, I came to find that, with everyone. Sarpanch and panchayat come there and see Harjeet and Mohini in awkward position.

Amba calls Astha and her father there, and shows Harjeet;s true colors. Amba insults Harjeet and Mohini. She asks why did he come here to enjoy, he would have money to go to any hotel and do this, how can he enter their house by hiding. Jagan comes and looks on. Amba says Mohini can sell herself if she wants, but Harjeet I did not you you are such a fool, you got enemy’s house to do this, you did not think where will you go if you get caught, from whom will you hide face. People gossip. Jagan says I heard we will get to see dance for free, did we do mistake, even Harjeet is dancing with Kota dancer, can’t we see the dance once. The people laugh.

Jagan says I also want to see some dance, dance and show us. Amba says what are you doing, their Samdhi is standing here, why are you disrespecting Harjeet, doctor do you have treatment for disease which Harjeet has. Doctor says I won’t get Astha married in such house, this is shameless thing, if Harjeet is doing this, what will Raman do, Simran was right, we are breaking this relation right away, come Astha. Harjeet says stop, they are framing me, this woman Mohini trapped me, she made me drunk and tried to take my advantage, she is characterless. Mohini gets shocked. Astha and her father leave.

Amba smiles and says we have seen groom’s family breaking relations, but we saw first time that bride’s family threw the relation, this is called slap without voice, son’s marriage broke and your respect ruined, congrats Harjeet. Amba challenges Harjeet to do Raman’s marriage with anyone else. She says this is my promise, till my breath is running, I won’t let Raman marry anyone. Harjeet leaves. Amba asks Mohini how was the gift. Mohini says this game did not end, I thought you got lesson, you did not change, I will remember this day and answer you, I told you I will be your Kaal. Amba says Jagan…..see her, do we have to check her, don’t know by what intentions she came here. Jagan signs Mohini to go. Mohini angrily leaves. Jagan asks Sarpanch do you have to see anything else. Sarpanch says we have seen it, we will leave Amba ji. Panchayat and villagers leave. Mannu looks on.

Jagan says Amba, your game was so good, you are Sushila’s mother. FB shows Amba telling her plan to Jagan, to act like leaving pind, Harjeet did this on Mohini’s saying, now Mohini will fail him. Jagan says we want one man who sells this house to Harjeet. FB ends. Jagan asks Amba to have sweets. Amba says do anything, but don’t compare me with Sushila. He says revenge tastes sweet. He asks Mannu to come. He asks Mannu to have sweets. Mannu throws sweets. Amba shouts Mannu. Mannu says revenge tastes bitter, this is not our victory, its our failure. Amba slaps Mannu.

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