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The Episode starts with Chandar taking his gift. Bebe and Raavi come. He sees them. He starts acting and says I will respect Amba and do as you say. Amba asks what are you acting. Chandar says what acting, I m leaving as you want. He greets Bebe. Bebe says you came to take kundli, have lassi and leave. Chandar says no need, just give me kundli. Amba says there was no one at home except Simran and Chandar was…. Bebe asks Chandar… Chandar says don’t worry, I did not feel bad of anything, I came to meet Simran and sitting near her, she was busy in her books.

Raavi says this is wrong. He says its okay, its not necessary that everyone ask me to have tea always, Bebe loves me, but Simran was busy in studies, and Amba was busy in her work. Raavi asks did they not ask for tea, I told Amba to teach

Simran about household work, this is wrong. Amba says don’t say if you don’t know entire thing.

Jagan comes home and greets Chandar. He asks what happened. Raavi says they did not ask Chandar for tea. Bebe asks Jagan to get Simran and her books. She makes Chandar sit. Raavi tells Jagan what happened. Bebe asks Jagan to go. Chandar acts and asks Bebe not to worry, I did not feel bad of anything, I like Simran, she will get your values, what else do we want. Bebe says yes right, that’s why I m showing what to do if girl gives time to books than her would be husband. Amba says you are misunderstanding. Bebe says I m understanding right. Simran asks Jagan why is he taking her books.

Jagan asks her to come downstairs, Bebe is calling. He throws books. Bebe asks Raavi to get matchbox, I explained a lot, burn her books and end this matter. Chandar says leave it, she is immature, once she marries and comes my home, everything will be fine. Bebe says no, its about my respect now, once they get big punishment, they will stop doing mistake.

Chandar smiles seeing Amba. He says I m sorry, I can’t refuse to Bebe. Simran asks Bebe not to do this. Bebe asks Raavi to hold Simran. Chandar burns Simran’s books. Mannu gets angry. Jagan catches him. Mannu blows off fire by his hands. He shouts Bebe and says you can’t burn my sister’s books. Amba and Simran cry. Raavi asks why can’t we burn books. Mannu says because I m Shah, you have to agree to me.

Bebe says you are little now, be away from all this. Mannu says I m little, but I can understand this, you burn books if you want, I will not move and burn along my sister’s books. Chandar says Mannu has long tongue. Bebe says fine, don’t burn books, but explain Simran not to do this mistake. Amba says Bebe said right, does Chandar has responsibility to avoid mistakes. Chandar says command me what to do, what did I not do, what do you want. Bebe asks what do you want to say, I will not let Chandar get insulted. Amba says yes, but Simran’s respect should not be ruined. Bebe asks her to say clear. Amba asks Chandar to show the gift. Chandar lies that shopkeeper did mistake, I asked for dupatta and he gave something else, but you want to make this an issue, fine see this.

Everyone look on. Chandar shows the lingerie box. Bebe, Raavi and Jagan get shocked. Chandar says I don’t know why Amba is punishing me for shopkeeper’s mistake. Bebe says Chandar, you are a man, Simran’s biggest jewelry is her shame, if shopkeeper did mistake, you should have thought, Simran is ashamed of this, we respect you, you respect our house, if you get a gift for Simran, you give it infront of everyone. Amba smiles and asks Chandar to take Simran’s kundli. She asks Mannu to keep Simran’s books in room. She asks Simran to come. Simran holds her hand. Chandar looks at them.

Simran tells Gunjan how Mannu saved her burning books. She asks Mannu is his hand not aching. Mannu says I m a boy, man does not get pain. Simran cries. Mannu wipes her tears and says if I can’t help my sister, then whats the use of me being your brother. Gunjan hugs Mannu and says maybe Simran is worried, as her marriage with Chandar did not break. Amba hears them. Gunjan asks why did mummy do that, she asked Chandar to get kundli. Amba goes and prays that it’s a big test for her, she has changed the kundli and kept a fake one, Simran can’t live with Chandar, just see that Chandar’s kundli does not match with this kundli.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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