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The Episode starts with Simran not finding Mannu. She looks for him. Mannu runs outside the house and recalls Amba’s words. He cries and says I m a weak girl. Swaroop dances in the celebrations. Pavaniyas walk in Bajwas Jashan. Bebe sees the hospital model and looks at Amba. Jagan sees Swaroop. She stops the music seeing him and goes to him. Swaroop claps and says great Jagan, many shameless men would have died and you would have born, I invited you to show your standard, and you are so shameless to come here. Bebe and Raavi get angry.

Swaroop asks him to see how they celebrate, we don’t let any beggars go empty hand, you all have food and go. Jagan says we light diya every day, you got chance to celebrate Diwali for the first time. She taunts him of failure and asks him to fill tender amount

carefully next time. Guests laugh. Raavi scolds Swaroop. Jagan stops Raavi and says if fight increases, we have to go back home. Amba tells Bebe that I was refusing for this. Harjeet comes there and dances. Jagan says I wish to hug enemy for the first time today.

Raavi asks where is Kalgi. Jagan gets shocked seeing Harjeet not wearing the Pagdi. Harjeet stops the music and asks them who left the dogs here. They all laugh on Pavaniyas. Jagan shouts on him. Harjeet says give him roti, else he will bark and make noise. Everyone laugh. Jagan shouts and goes to him. The men stop him. Harjeet asks his men to stop. Bebe asks Jagan to come, I was mad to come here. Jagan tells Raavi that it will be bad if things don’t work. Bebe says come. They all start leaving. Amrit tells Harjeet that his Pagdi was inside and gets it. Jagan and Raavi stop and see him wearing the Pagdi. Harjeet wears the Pagdi and shows off. Raavi says it has the Kalgi. Jagan smiles.

Simran looks for Mannu. Suraiyya comes there. Simran says Mannu has gone somewhere, I don’t know where did he go. Suraiyya says Dhaniya has left from village, where is Mannu. Mannu goes to meet Raj and comes to Bajwas Jashan. He says Biji said entire family will be here, where is Raj. He sees Amba and hides. He says if mummy sees me here, it will be big problem. Amba sees Mannu and goes after him.

Jagan taunts Harjeet for having a small heart. Harjeet walks downstairs and goes to them. He says I have courage to bear you all, see the Jashan and go if you all have come. Jagan thinks to do something, else the game will get over. He stops Harjeet and makes his Pagdi fall near Bebe’s feet. He says I know you won tender by cheat, someone told you amount, its fake Jashan and fake victory. The men get angry. Bebe asks them to stop and picks Pagdi. She gives it to Swaroop, and asks Jagan to come home. Swaroop makes Harjeet wear the Pagdi. Harjeet goes back to dance. Bebe does not notice the Kalgi. Jagan says I will beat him. Bebe says come home, I m saying it. She sees Amba gone and says where did Amba go. Mannu hides from Amba.

Jagan signs Raavi. Raavi tells Bebe that they have seen Harjeet’s Kalgi somewhere. Bebe sees the Kalgi and gets shocked. Mannu sees Raj with Harjeet and calls him out. Raj thinks if Papa sees Mannu, it will be big issue. He signs Mannu to go. Mannu thinks no one has time to talk to me. Raavi says I think its Charan’s Kalgi, look there Bebe. Jagan says how can this happen, what is our Shah Kalgi doing with Harjeet. Bebe recalls Amba taking Kalgi for polish. Amba looks for Mannu and stands behind Harjeet. Bebe gets angry seeing her. Raavi says we got insulted, I will call Amba, we will go home.

Bebe says I did big mistake in knowing her. Jagan says just give me one sign, I will kill Harjeet, Amba would have forgiven Charan’s death, but I did not, I will not leave him today. Bebe stops Jagan. Raavi asks Amba to come, Bebe is calling us. Bebe asks Amba where did you go. Amba says I felt like Mannu is here. Bebe says enough, you left Mannu at home, he was unwell. Amba says maybe I had misunderstanding. Bebe says yes, a big one, come home, I will talk to you there. She asks Jagan to get car.

Mannu goes to the shade and thinks of Raj. He says I m a girl, you are my doll, but I m not anyone’s doll, my mummy did not fight for me, now no one can make me away from dolls, I have left my house. He cries and says I will always stay here, my friend Raj does not want to do friendship with me, I thought he will listen to me, but he asked me to leave, I have no one in this world.

Everyone come home. Bebe shouts on Amba and says I told you not to hide anything. Amba asks what are you saying, tell me clearly. Bebe asks where is Charan’s Shahi Kalgi, answer me. Amba says its in my room. Bebe slaps her. Amba gets shocked. Bebe says this slap is for not saying truth, how much will you lie, you gave house respect to that Harjeet. Amba looks on puzzled.

Suraiyya finds Mannu at the shade. He refuses to go home and says Amba is a liar mother. Suraiyya says you know just half truth, you don’t know in which state Amba will be now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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