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The Episode starts with Raj saying I just hate you no distance will end. He pushes Mannu and says I will die, but not touch you, you are my biggest enemy, I will keep this enmity. Mannu says you have to spend your life with your enemy. Raavi sees Jagan sleeping. Babli gets the keys. Raavi silently opens the cupboard and gets money.

Mannu says now this bed is mine, you can sleep here if you want. She teases him. Raj takes pillow and goes out of the room. Mannu stops him and shuts door. Mohini sees him and says I told you Mannu is very clever, we have to work together, Mannu was never Mannu, she was always a girl Preet, woman is mean, men can’t understand her thinking and cleverness, just a woman can cut woman’s plan. He takes the drink from her. She gets glad.

Raavi gives the money to Amba

and asks her to go. Babli plays. Raavi asks her to finish the milk fast. Babli drinks milk and falls down. Amba and Jagan get shocked. Raavi asks Jagan to say what happened, she has just drank the milk. He says foam is expelling from her mouth, we have to take her to city hospital. He goes to get money. Raavi worries saying I took the money from cupboard.

Raj comes to meet Nihaal. Nihaal asks how did you come here. Raj asks do you have friends, I m newly wed, invite friends, we will celebrate. Mohini signs Nihaal. Nihaal agrees. Raj goes. Mohini comes to Raj. She asks him to call his friends. Rohan comes and says wine party at home, great. Mohini says yes, I will make peg for you.

Jagan asks for money. Raavi and Amba worry. Amba asks him to check well. She gets the money and gives to Raavi. She asks her to take money, Babli’s health is imp. Raavi says I had money, it fell from cupboard at night, I thought to give this to you. Jagan says you waste time. He takes money from her. Raavi asks him where is he going, we have to take her to hospital.

Jagan says she will be fine. Amba says she is expelling foam. He says I know, I added raw papaya milk in the milk, so that she faint. Raavi and Amba get shocked. Jagan says I wanted to find the thieves in my house, you thought I won’t know if you make my wife and children steal, why do you need money, tell me truth, don’t lie, panchayat has punished you, if your lie is caught, I will throw you out of village, tell me what’s the matter.

He asks Raavi not to worry, Babli will be fine. He asks Amba to say truth. Nihaal and his friends drink. Raj joins them. He calls Mannu there. He asks her to make snacks and get for everyone as its her duty. Mannu goes. Raj asks her why is she looking worried, she used to sit with Aman’s friends and feed them wine, what happened now. Mannu says I m not worried for myself, I m Bajwas’ bahu, I m worried for you. Raj says when its about saving yourself, you thought about Bajwas’ respect, you have ruined our respect many times, go and get snacks.

Mannu gets snacks. Raj asks her to serve guests. A guy holds her hands. Mannu gets tensed. The guy passes comments. Mannu looks at Raj angrily.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. My first question where were Amrit, Mohini and Pammi when nihal’s sleazy guests arrived? Raj clearly looked concerned when that guy misbehaved with Preet. Wouldn’t he know these sleazy guys would misbehave with her? Or is he hoping that this would have Preet runnning out of the house? New development. Rohan looked very upset at that guys misbehaviour. So will he take the initiative to tell him off or will Raj diplomatically intervene and Preet may get over her initial shock and handle the situation by herself ? Or will Raj pretend that he doesn’t mind Preet being manhandled? We may know this tomorrow. Nevertheless the episode left me baffled as to how low can raj’s character stoop? Pre cap shows Raj approaching Mohini for help to rid off Preet and she gives the idea of him pretending to love another woman. She also promises to arrange such a person. Looks like Mohini never lost touch with sleazy past and contacts.

    1. Superb analysis satya ??
      Your name is indian but it seems u stay in some other country. Is it.
      Appologise if have hurt u.

      1. Hi Renu
        Thx. Appreciate your query. I live in Mumbai and m an academician – social scientist. I m trained to look things from perspective of gender justice. Hence Waaris original theme is v dear to me.

  2. Loved the epi.Preet ne Raj ko room se bahr nikal diya.very gd.ab nihaal ke doston se kaun bechayega.Raj ka shakal dekhkar legta hai kuch karoonga nahi.But Rohan ko dekhkar legta hai ki oh kuch kahega zaroor(sharabi se koi umeed nahi rah sakti).Preet she is a strong girl.use kisi ka help ki zaroorat nahi hai.Farnaz and Neel keep rocking…

  3. mann! The look and expressions on raj’s face when preet seduces him,he is sooo cute in that confused state.awesome acting by neel and farnaaz.

  4. You are right Shraddha. I still believe its Rat’s plan. Maybe he doesn’t want Preet to stay there because he thinks she won’t be happy there. Day by day Raj is stooping low. Preet should teach him a nice lesson.

  5. for some reason now i dnt like waaris as before.they are showing too much low on both sides now.whole episode now concentrated only fight b/w raj and preet, they have just mute other characters, like before each episode having some excitements which i dnt feel any more.

    now again raj s girlfrnd will come and there will be new drama of raj with this new girl, they showing mohini getting stronger day by day so what the hell raj doing for her mother now ?

    no one trying to find out who killed raj brother ? and yes when bad people were trying to misbehave with preet then where was her mother in law 🙁

    raj dad has no rile now :-), he just come, make funny faces and go away 😉

  6. Thanks for updates .

  7. Plz update the episode as soon as possible i eagerly wait for it until i read its update can’t concentrate on my study

  8. Plz update 24th may episode asap i am still waiting for it

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