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The Episode starts with Raman trying to leave out of house. Harjeet stops him and says I knew you will do such thing. Raman says please let me meet Simran once, she will be worried, I promise I will do as you say. Harjeet says you did man’s work for the first time, enough of fun, be at home now, go and prepare for marriage. Raman cries and begs to him. Raj looks on. Harjeet says nothing should go wrong, else you know what I m do. Raman cries.

Raj goes to Raman and says I will talk to Mannu and tell your helplessness, don’t cry. Raman hugs him. Mannu comes to Bajwa house and sees guards. Raj comes out. Mannu signs him. Raj goes to him. Mannu asks what was all this, you know about Amba and Simran’s state. Raj says I was coming to tell you, we were helpless, Papa made a sniper aim at Simran,

what could Raman do, either he could save Simran’s respect or her life, Harjeet fixed Raman’s marriage in two days. Mannu says I have to go home nad tell everyone that Raman is not a cheater, they all are angry. Raj asks him to go fast.

Mannu comes home and sees Raavi in pain. Mannu asks what happened, are you fine. She cries and says Simran was acting mad, she said she will give her life, she did not listen when I stopped her, go fast and do something. Mannu says take care, I will find Simran and take you to doctor. Mannu runs.

Raavi prays to Lord. Jagan asks how dare Harjeet do this, I will kill him. Amba asks will you kill him so soon, you were not there, he insulted our family respect so badly, if you kill him, he will get free, we don’t have to give him freedom, but to torture him. He says if you said this before about Bajwas, I would have not left Bajwas. She says what did not happen before, will happen now.

Jagan says you are saying right, but what did you think. Sarpanch comes and says whatever happened, I regret. Jagan argues. Sarpanch says I came for this pind, I request you to leave from this pind with your family, after so much insult, its good you settle somewhere with your daughters, it will be tough to stay in this pind after such insult. Jagan asks him what’s this nonsense, think and talk. Sarpanch says whatever happened was not right, if you go ahead, Bajwas and Pavaniyas will fight, and its bad for pind, I don’t want this, Amba and Simran’s insult is ruined, it will be better for Amba to leave from this village.

Jagan says they did mistake, go and make them leave. Amba stops Jagan and says as your wish, we all will leave from pind. Jagan gets shocked. Sarpanch thanks her.

Mannu runs to the jungle and calls out Simran. Simran recalls the insult. She puts the rope in her neck. Mannu shouts to her, asking her not to do this. She asks Mannu to leave. Mannu says everything will get fine, Raman was helpless to do so. She says I have no right to live, I broke Amba’s trust. Simran says mummy will get hurt, don’t do this. She asks Mannu not to come ahead. He says listen, I met Raj, he told me that Mohini did all this to take revenge from us. He walks to her and Raman truly loves you, he did not wish you to get hurt, he was caged in his room, someone has aimed gun at you, Raman has no ways, to save your respect or lose you forever, he saved your life and lied, don’t worry, I will take you to Raman. Simran gets angry and sees Mannu coming close. She asks Mannu not to come ahead. She says I know you are lying, I will not stop, everything got finished, go from here. She hangs. Mannu gets shocked and runs to hold her.

Simran asks him to leave her. Mannu says no, you beat me, but I will not leave you. She says I have hurt everyone, let me die. Mannu says no, I won’t leave you, we lost everyone, Papa ji, Bebe, Bheeru and Jai, I love you and get hurt seeing you like this, Amba loves us, you can’t leave us. Simran cries. Mannu asks her to come home. He gets Simran home.

They see Jagan. Amba and Jagan prepare leaving from the house. Mannu asks what’s all this, where are we going, how did Jagan come here. He asks Raavi what’s happening here. Sukhi says we are leaving from this pind Mannu, forever. Mannu asks why are we leaving this pind, its wrong. Amba says its my decision, we are leaving, if you have problem, you can stay here alone, you made us lose respect, is it not enough, how much insult will you make us tolerate, its my mistake to send Simran to school, I did not know she will do all this. Jagan asks did your blood not boil when they insulted Amba and Simran, you have to stay here and meet Bajwas’ son. Amba says we should leave city before evening, let’s leave.

Mannu asks Amba to see this house once again, it has Charan’s memories, Bebe made this house with love. Amba says yes, now nothing is left, Charan and Bebe made this house by respect, there were values here, Simran ruined everything here. Simran cries. Amba says Bajwas ruined our respect, but its my mistake, I could not control my daughter, we should leave from here, its for everyone’s good. They all cry. Mannu thinks how to explain Amba that Raman was helpless, I will make everything fine and not leave this house.

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