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The Episode starts with Simran seeing Gunjan sleeping. She reads Raman’s letter. He expresses his love and promises to save her from this marriage. She says mad guy, does this happen, don’t know what he thinks of himself, its just filmi style. She keeps letter under her pillow. She thinks of Raman. She reads letter again and sleeps. Raman goes to open safe. Harjeet catches him and beats him, asking how did he get jewelry box. Amrit comes and says don’t beat him.

Harjeet beats him more. Raman thinks of Simran and gets beaten up. Bolna mahi bolna…………..plays………….. Raman smiles while Harjeet is beating him madly. Swaroop comes and sees Raman smiling and bearing the beating. Harjeet’s hand starts aching and he throws the stick. Harjeet leaves angrily. Amrit runs to Raman and says

you got beaten up. Swaroop asks Amrit to manage Harjeet, I will see Raman, go. Amrit cries and leaves.

Swaroop makes Raman sit. He screams of pain. Swaroop asks him why is he screaming now, you were smiling when you got beaten up, I knew you became a lover, you got someone now, tell me to whom did you go to show jewelry. Raman says I got beaten up, you are joking. She says I will help you when time comes, I will get jeep to take the girl along you, say the name, we will get her. He asks her to say, will she help him, will she get any girl he says. She says yes, don’t worry, we will get her.

Its morning, Amba takes the kundli from Bebe’s room. Bebe comes and Amba hides it. She says I came to take dirty clothes and keeps fake kundli. Bebe says these clothes are already washed. Amba hides the other kundli under towel. Bebe says this towel is not mine. Amba picks right kundli in towel and says I m getting late to drop Mannu to school. Amba thinks I changed kundli, Simran’s marriage should break now.

Mannu and Raj meet in school. Mannu hugs him and helps him. Mannu says our elders don’t talk, as they are enemies, we are good friends, why do our elders fight. Raj says don’t know, leave it, we are friends. Mannu says yes, best friends. He tells Raj about Chandar, Bebe is making Simran marry Chandar, he is very bad, I won’t let my sister marry him.

Chandar comes home. Simran opens the door and gets shocked seeing him. She says there is no one at home, come later. He says I came to meet you. She falls on the bed. Chandar says you look great in this pose, relax. He shows the gift he got for her and asks her to open it and see. Her hands shake. He asks where shall we go for honeymoon, I will not let you leave from room for ten days, you know what happens between husband and wife, is Amba teaching you. She gets shocked seeing lingerie in gift. She gets away while he tries to get close. He says I m talking about love, see the lovely gift, will you not wear and show me, you will look like this. Simran closes eyes. Chandar asks her to wear it and show, why are you afraid. Mannu and Amba come home, and get shocked.

Simran runs to her room. Mannu goes after Simran. Chandar greets Amba. Amba gets shocked seeing the gift. He says I got gift for Simran, its costly, I got this from city. Amba throws the box. Chandar asks what happened, can’t I gift my would be bride. She says give this as shagun, show this to Bebe, if she accepts this, then I have no objection. Mannu comes and says you always make my sister cry, she will not marry you, I won’t let this happen. Chandar says she will marry me, she will not study even at home, now you see what I do. He smiles.

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