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The Episode starts with Mannu shouting I m not a man, I don’t want your laddoos, take it back. Amba asks Mannu what are you saying and holds him. She says Bebe, he is annoyed with me and saying such. Bebe asks her to focus on her son than anywhere else, he is becoming ill mannered. Mannu asks Amba to leave him. Bebe goes. Amba asks Simran to shut the door. Simran shuts the door. Amba says you don’t know why I lied. Mannu says I don’t want to know, you will lie again, you always lied to me, you say lying is bad, you are such a big liar. Amba, Simran and Mannu lie.

Mannu says you heard what Bebe said, man does not get hurt. but I m not a man, I m a weak girl. Amba says no, you are not weak, you are my Shah son. Mannu shouts stop it, you did not let me do what I wanted, you were always wrong,

I will tell Biji and entire village that I m a girl. Amba stops him and holds his hand, asking him to hear the truth, for which I lied such big thing, then take the decision. She says I m wrong and faints. Mannu stops. Simran worries for Amba and scolds Mannu. Simran rubs Amba’s hands. Mannu looks on shocked.

Jagan asks the tailor man does he want to drink wine or not, I want the work done. He gives Charan’s kalgi. The man asks will I get trapped in this. Jagan says no, this Kalgi should get on Harjeet’s Pagdi, someone else will get trapped, hurry up. The tailor stitches the Kalgi to Harjeet’s pagdi. Jagan smiles and thinks Amba show me by getting saved from my plan.

Mannu looks at himself in the mirror and recalls everything. Waaris……plays……………. Amba gets conscious. She holds his hand and he gets away. Its morning, Bebe asks Jagan what nonsense is he saying. Jagan says Bajwas invited in their celebrations, we are Pavaniya and we will show we are not affected by small failures, we will go and show world that our heart is big. Bebe says its not small thing to lose tender. Jagan says I know we are hurt by them. Amba comes and gives them tea. Bebe sees Amba and doubts on her. Raavi says I think we should not go.

Bebe asks Amba what does she think, shall we go in Bajwas celebration or not, Jagan is saying we should go there and hurt their ego. Amba says why to take fight ahead. Bebe asks why, whats wrong in hurting them. Amba says we lost to Bajwas and it does not look right to go there. Bebe asks her to get ready, we will go there. Amba says I can’t come, Mannu is unwell. Raavi asks Bebe to leave it, Amba never listens to you, I always obeyed you. Bebe asks Amba to get ready and come. Jagan thinks today we will celebrate Amba’s leaving from home. Mannu sees Amba and goes.

Amba asks Simran to miss school today and be at home to take care of Mannu, don’t know what happened to Jagan, he wants to go in Bajwas’ celebrations, look after Mannu. Simran says I will talk to him and goes. Bebe asks Simran did she not go school today. Simran says I won’t go, Mannu is unwell. Bebe comes to Amba and shuts door.

Raavi is happy and tells Jagan that our dream will turn true today, you will become Shah, I will dance once Amba leaves from here. She asks shall I get pagdi with Shah Kalgi. He asks her to go and get Kalgi. She asks where did I keep it, I forgot. He gets angry and calls her fool. He asks her to be at home. He tells her that Harjeet has the Kalgi which Bebe will see and make Amba out of house. Raavi says I was just testing if you remember or not. He asks her not to spoil things by her foolishness, we have to be careful till Amba leaves. Bebe tells Amba that she has seen Charan’s pic, people go and we have to take care of their sign, like I managed my children after my husband died. Amba says yes, you are right. Bebe says woman’s work is to manage children after husband’s death, not her desires, I m asking clearly is there anything that you are hiding. Amba gets shocked and drops mirror. Bebe asks her to answer. Amba says no, what will I hide. They pick the glass. Bebe says I trust you a lot, don’t do anything that this trust breaks, tell me today if there is anything to say. Amba thinks did Bebe know about Mannu. She says no, there is nothing. Bebe leaves.

Everyone get ready. Bebe says Mannu is unwell. Jagan asks what happened, Bebe our Mannu will become Shah and go to Bajwas, wearing Shah’s pagdi, Kalgi and clothes, he will shut Bajwas mouths, their happiness would have got low. Raavi agrees. Jagan says leave it, what can I do, I will get car, everyone come.

Mannu keeps the doll in bag and hides it. Simran comes to him and asks him to have food. Mannu does not eat. She says I did not go school as I had to spend time with my sister, and you are sitting here upset, we will not tell this to anyone, else it will be big problem. She hears some sound. She asks him to finish food, I will go and see. Simran hears the cat, and picks fallen chillies. She goes back to room and does not see Mannu. She thinks where did Mannu go.

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