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The Episode starts with Amba and Mannu sleeping. Amba hears some sound and goes out to see. She sees Bebe sitting there drunk. Bebe says I loved Charan a lot, but I did not tell him, then one day he left me and went away, I cried a lot, when Mannu came, I felt my Charan has come back, I have cursed myself a lot, I love Mannu a lot, but I did not express it even once, just show me Mannu once, I m his Dadi. Amba gets Mannu and shows to Bebe. Bebe says my grandson Mannu. Amba asks her to take Mannu. Bebe says no, don’t give me, he will be safe with you, you keep him with you, safely, everyone is his enemy, they will kill Mannu, don’t give him to me too. Bheeru wakes up and hears all this. Bebe says you keep him safe Amba. Amba looks at her.

Its morning, Amba says it was not Bebe, who met me last night,

she was a mum who was begging for her son. Bheeru says I have seen you have given her Mannu, you did right. Amba says when Bebe is drunk, she is like a mother, else I don’t understand whats going on in her heart. She gives milk to Bheeru and asks him to have medicines, when will you return. He says I will see my result and our house in village once, then I will come back soon. He leaves. Amba thinks how to leave Mannu alone in room. She sees a bag locked and goes to kitchen by locking her room. Bebe sees the room locked and calls out Amba. Bebe sees Mannu inside.

Raavi smiles seeing Mannu at the edge of the bed, and says come on, fall. Bebe says call Amba fast, Mannu will fall. Amba comes and sees Mannu at the bed end. She gets shocked and rushes to Mannu. She saves Mannu and says this won’t happen again, when Mannu was not with me, he was kidnapped, we don’t know who was responsible for this, Mannu has many enemies, I won’t give him to anyone. Bebe says if you do any mistake, if Mannu gets harmed, I will snatch him from you, then I don’t care if you cry and die. She goes.

Raavi tells Jagan that Amba locked the room and went, Mannu was alone and was falling, but Amba came on time. He says Amba has become careful now. She asks will you just sit like this, get Mannu out, then we can make some plan to get free of them, Bebe was saying that if Amba does mistake again, she will take Mannu from Amba. They hear the thundering. She says I left papad for drying. He says rains will start in few days, we will get Amba and Mannu out then, you see what I do. They smile.

Harjeet scolds Swaroop for killing Bau ji, and says this house is mine now, be thankful that I did not kill you, get out of this house, go back and don’t show your face again. She asks him to go, throw my bags, but remember this house is mine too, no one can make me leave. He gets angry and drags her. Amrit looks on and goes after them. Harjeet blames Swaroop for all this. She shouts I won’t go anywhere. He gets slipper to beat her. Amrit stops Harjeet. Swaroop says I m also Lala ji’s daughter, I will not leave you. Amrit asks her to be quiet. Swaroop scolds Harjeet. Biji comes in between and asks Harjeet not to beat Swaroop. He pushes Biji and she gets wounded. They all get shocked. Swaroop scolds Harjeet and challenges him to get Jagan. Harjeet’s son look on and get scared. Harjeet pushes Swaroop angrily. Biji stops Harjeet and asks him not to beat Swaroop, its my mistake, I have made Swaroop go out that day, beat me, punish me, don’t beat Swaroop. Harjeet gets angry. Swaroop says no. Haarjeet says you said right Biji, its your mistake, but Bau ji did mistake by giving importance to a maid. Amrit says Biji is like our Maa, what are you saying. He says my Maa died, Biji is just a maid. He insults Biji and asks her to get lost. Swaroop asks are you mad, is Biji maid, she raised us, don’t get my anger on her, you make me a maid in this house, but…. He says you felt I will make you queen, stay in this house, but remember I will not kill Jagan, he will be alive, so that when you see him, you realize your mistake. He goes. Swaroop hugs Biji and cries.

Amba sees the rain. The water falls over the bed, leaking from the terrace. Jagan gets an axe and looks on. Raavi smiles seeing him and thinks now Amba has to come out, till when will she stay with Mannu in that room.

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