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The Episode starts with Mannu applying ointment to Amba. He says Sushila gave this. Amba says I can’t apply this. He says Sushila Nani is good. She says I don’t want my hands to get fine, else Jagan will force me to sign, throw this, I don’t want to trust anyone of that house. Raman stops Simran. She says let me go, else I will shout. He says fine, shout, then faint, you have no strength. He gives her tiffin. She says maybe this has poison, I can’t trust Bajwas. She says my mummy made this, you can’t say this, my mummy was helpless. She asks what helpless, you are saying it easily. He says yes, like you were helpless to marry Chandar, I can understand your family is hurt now, I got food for your family, as a friend. She does not accept.

He makes her hold tiffin. He apologizes from Amrit’s

side. She thanks him and goes. Sushila sees them and says whats happening, Bajwas son and Pavaniyas daughter, they did not care for enmity, now see my Leela. Amba cries and thinks I can’t make my children sleep hungry. Simran comes from school and asks them to see tiffin, my friend Deepa has sent the tiffin, I refused, but she asked me to keep it for friendship’s sake. Gunjan stops Mannu from eating.

She asks are we Bajwas’ enemy. Amba says yes, so? Gunjan asks how can we eat food from their home. Amba looks at Simran. Gunjan recalls how Sushila told her about Bajwas sending tiffin, Raman gave tiffin to Simran. Amba asks Simran is Gunjan saying right. Simran says yes.

Gunjan asks Simran to answer now, when I went to have food at our house, you slapped me, you got food from those, who are responsible for Papa’s death, mummy is facing all this, if we all can stay hungry, why can’t you. Simran cries. Amba puts back food in tiffin and says no one will eat this, Mannu go to temple and give it to poor people. Simran cries and goes.

Mannu asks Simran not to cry, I know you can’t see us like this, even I can’t, everything will be fine when we got back home, we can’t break if we are united. He hugs Simran. Amba hugs them. Gunjan gets angry. Mannu says I got fruits from farm, its less, but fine. Gunjan goes. She recalls Simran slapping her. Sushila sees Gunjan and tells Raavi that we will make this little crack a big valley.

Amba goes to Gunjan and consoles her. Gunjan says you love Mannu and Simran, everyone got angry on me yesterday. Simran tries to convince. She says you did mistake, I have forgiven you, now I did mistake, will you not forgive me. Gunjan says I did not do mistake, I took food from Sushila, she is not bad like Jagan and Raavi, you took help from enemies, you did wrong. Amba says Jagan will be glad seeing this, everyone is fighting, he will win, great, you both fight.

Its morning, Harjeet asks Raman did you take tiffin for Pavaniyas. Swaroop says I have sent Raman for temple bhandaar, so that Lord gives you some sense, go and ask pandit. Harjeet gets angry and leaves.

Sushila says we should celebrate, Jagan go and talk to Amba. He asks what shall I talk. She smiles. Jagan goes to Amba. Hee says I got pity on you, I came to invite you, your children want food, so I came to help. I came to give you work in my house, and you can take food, I m celebrating to become Shah. Amba says even if you repeat, it won’t be true, you are not Shah. He says your children will be hungry, you decide. He goes. Mannu says how dare Jagan say this. Amba says I know Jagan is doing this to hurt my self esteem, I m mother, till when will I keep my children happy, I will work there. Mannu says fine, we will go, you won’t do maid work, we will do work, we will know how is Bebe. Amba says promise me, we will not fight there, they will insult us, we all have to bear this. Sushila says it won’t be fun without Amba’s insult, but how. Amba comes there with Simran and Mannu. Mannu goes to see Bebe. Raavi comes and stops him.

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