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The Episode starts with Mannu telling Lord that he will work hard, and then Amba will not send Bheeru with him. Raavi tells Jagan that we have to do something, write a letter, about what I have seen, Simran also studies in same school. He asks her to say. She asks him to write letter to principal. He smiles.

Its morning, principal reads letter to Amba and Mannu. He says parents are complaining as their daughters also go to school, ask Mannu’s Mama to sit outside the school, else the matter will go to panchayat. Amba says but Mannu is Shah, he has danger to his life. He says by your request, girls got permission to study after 8th, but sorry your brother can’t come to school like this. Mannu smiles and thanks Lord. Bheeru waits for them. Amba goes to Bheeru and says something is wrong. She sends

Mannu to class. Bheeru asks what did principal say. Amba says principal said its some girl’s father’s letter, he is saying you can’t sit here, what will we do, why are you smiling. He says he is right, girls study here. She says you won’t trouble anyone. He says they don’t know me, I will sit outside and get Mannu home, Simran also studies here, if any guy sits here all day, we will also find it strange, so don’t worry. She agrees.

Raman rests in Simran’s lap. She asks him why does she just see and not say anything. He says I did not think I would come close to you, I just wish to be with you, I want to give you everything you wish, I can do anything for you. She asks really. He asks her to say once. He asks for sunflower. Raman’s imagination ends and he was resting in his friend’s lap. He sees Simran away. He thinks I will get sunflower.

Sukhi is with kids, and says I m captain of that area. Mannu hears him and says I also want to play. The boy says you always lose. Mannu says my Mama will not come with me. Sukhi says we will go home and enjoy on the way. Mannu says Bheeru will come to pick me. The boy asks what will happen if you go alone, we all go alone. They laugh. Mannu looks at them.

Jagan sees the quicksand and laughs. He tells his goons to get the post box. He says the one who puts post will directly fall in the quicksand. Jagan comes to school and looks on. He signs his man. Raavi and Jagan wait outside. Jagan says Bheeru is waiting outside, Mannu will come to gate alone, game will turn. She says everything will happen right, my coming baby is lucky, you will become Shah this time. He says I will name my son as Lucky. She asks if its daughter. He asks her not to talk bad, I want three sons like Harjeet, don’t say this again. She gets upset. She says I will go and drink water. The school bell rings.

Mannu comes out and looks for Bheeru. He says I forgot, Mama is not here. Jagan signs his man. Both the trucks drivers create a fight, and make everyone busy. Jagan signs the goons. Jagan smiles seeing Mannu coming towards the gate. Bheeru looks for Mannu. A man collides with Bheeru and apologizes to him. Bheeru misses to see Mannu. A lady goes to Mannu and says I came from very far, I can’t walk now, you do my work, you post this letter in post box. Mannu takes the letter and says you are so ill, that’s why I m helping. Jagan smiles and sends the lady.

Mannu goes to put the letter. Raavi says I will see Mannu dying and then go. Mannu goes to the post box. He steps in the quick sand and gets shocked. Raavi smiles. Mannu screams and calls for Amba and Bheeru. A jeep comes to his way and Mannu calls for help. Raavi looks on. Mannu shouts.

The jeep proceeds towards Mannu. Mannu shouts and is sinking. Raavi smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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